Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow: Women Watch

Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow: Women Watch?


Patek Philippe has just launched the first Grand Complication in its “contemporary casual” line for ladies, Aquanaut Luce. I know all its fans and watch enthusiasts are excited about its newly launched Aquanaut 5260/1455R Rainbow watch, and they are eager to get details about the product. Well, here is the good news. This article will enlighten you about the features and details of this stunning timepiece.

Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut model was launched in 1997 and was inspired by the iconic Nautilus, which has become a cult favourite. It is quite known for its youthful and unique design with a distinctive dial and matching strap. At first, the Aquanaut featured essential timekeeping features, but it has evolved over the years to include more complex complications, like the Travel Time dual time zone and a flyback chronograph.

Currently, Patek Philippe has released Its First Aquanaut Minute Repeater. It is endowing its “modern casual chic” Aquanaut collection with one of its most emblematic Grand Complications which is the minute repeater. It has assigned for this purpose the Aquanaut Luce ladies’ line. The extraordinary current version is preordained to enrich the choice of watches for women, and it is presented in two Haute Joaillerie versions resplendent in a rainbow of multicoloured baguette-cut sapphires and baguette-cut diamonds that portrays the “invisible setting”.

About Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow

The Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow is covered with about 130 baguette-cut diamonds (8.66 cts) on the dial and has 779 multicoloured baguette-cut sapphires (45.05 cts) that create a rainbow on the bezel, case sides and bracelet using the complex “invisible setting” technique.


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Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow calibre movement

The dial of the watch consists of twelve multicoloured sapphire hour markers, a diamond hour ring, a ruby-set hour hand and a blue sapphire-set minute hand. Its sapphire crystal case-back shows self-winding R 27 calibre with its two classic gongs.

Technical Specification


Self-winding mechanical movement,  R 27 calibre, minute repeater with two classic gongs.


Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow dial

Covered with baguette-cut diamonds, has an invisible setting, multicoloured baguette-sapphire hour markers and baguette-diamond hour ring, 18K gold dial plate.


Rose gold case, sapphire crystal case back, not water-resistant, humidity and dust-protected only

Diameter (10–4 o’clock): 38.8 mm. Thickness: 10.7 mm.


Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow Gem Setting

90 baguette diamonds: 5.73 cts. (dial).

12 multicolored baguette sapphires: 1.08 ct. (hour markers).

8 baguette sapphires/rubies: 0.06 ct. / 1 diamond: 0.01 ct. (hands).

40 baguette diamonds: 2.93 cts. (bezel).

109 multicolored baguette sapphires: 5.57 cts. (bezel, case band, slide piece).

650 multicolored baguette sapphires: 38.34 cts. (bracelet).

Total of 779 multicoloured baguette sapphires (45.05 cts) and 131 diamonds (8.67 cts).


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Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow bracelet

Patek Philippe New Aquanaut 5260/1455r Rainbow bracelet

Rose gold covered with multicoloured baguette-cut sapphires.

Patented fold-over clasp set with sapphires.

Diameter: 28 mm.

Thickness: 5.05 mm.

Number of parts: 342

Bridges: 10

Jewels: 39

Power reserve: min. 43 hours – max. 48 hours

Winding rotor: 22K gold off-centre guilloched mini-rotor

Balance: Gyromax

Frequency: 21,600 semi-oscillations/hour (3 Hz)

Balance spring: Spiromax

Hallmark: Patek Philippe Seal


It is a fact that the Patek Philippe brand offers the largest choice of minute repeaters available in a regular collection. However, the Aquanaut version hasn’t had any minute repeater since. Therefore, the brand has taken a step forward by releasing the Aquanaut collection’s first Grand Complication which is a minute repeater, and it is recognized as one of the fields in which it excels.

For the release of this first Aquanaut minute repeater, Patek Philippe agreed on the Aquanaut Luce line for women. The brand, therefore, is celebrating the arrival of its new Grand Complication for women by adorning it with a rainbow of multicoloured baguette-cut sapphires and baguette-cut diamonds.


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