Used Rolex Watches


Rolex is one of the most luxurious and famous watch brands today. Hence the reason people crave to own the timepiece. But due to the process of buying a new Rolex watch, and the price involved, a lot of Rolex lovers have opted for a used Rolex watch. So If you are thinking of buying a used Rolex watch and you are worried about getting scammed, then this article is for you. Here, you will learn about the best places where you can purchase a Rolex timepiece. 

Instead of purchasing a new watch from a Rolex dealer, where you will end up paying the manufacturer’s suggested retail price or a higher price, you can save money by shopping for used watches online at the online stores listed in this article.

Another reason why you should purchase a certified second-hand Rolex watch is that it will be available instantly, and you will have the privilege to buy and take home whatever you like. But if you are obtaining a brand new Rolex timepiece, you may have to wait for multiple years simply to put on your favorite version on your wrist. So purchasing a used Rolex watch is not a bad option.


Used Rolex Watches

Rolex runs an application where fans of its watches can acquire a used Rolex watch. This program is referred to as “Rolex-certified pre-owned watches“. The brand through this scheme gives potential buyers the chance to acquire once-worn timepieces that are guaranteed and certified as authentic by Rolex.

The used watches are presented in a unique pouch and they come with a Rolex Certified Pre-Owned seal that symbolizes its status as a certified second-hand Rolex watch. This seal confirms the authenticity of the watch on the date of purchase and also the proper functioning, for a duration of two-year in conformity with the guarantee manual.

The authenticity of the second-hand Rolex watches at their time of resale is also guaranteed by an Official Retailer displaying the unique Rolex Certified Pre-Owned plaque. It vouches that the watches have inherent in them the quality that is available to all Rolex products. 


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Five Best Locations to Buy a Used Rolex Watch

Aside from buying used watches from Rolex manufacturers or their certified dealers, you can also purchase them from;

  • Online market place
  • Auction houses 
  • Pawn shops and local jewelers
  • Watch forums and communities
  • Authorized Rolex dealers


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Online Market Place

You can purchase pre-owned watches from online markets instead of a Rolex dealer. When you scroll down this page, you will find six online marketplaces where you can shop for a used watch. 

Bob’s Watches

Bob’s Watches is a trusted online shop where you can purchase Rolex timepieces. One of the advantages of purchasing a watch from the site is that you will get a manufacturer’s warranty and a warranty from Bob’s Watches. Also, you will get the best price even if you know about the watch or not. 


You can also purchase pre-owned watches from eBay because they have a committee of professional watch authenticators that inspect the watch to make sure it suits the listing and parts like the bezel, crown, and case before it is shipped to the buyer.


StockX is a nice online store to buy used watches at a great price due to the sales data provided. At StockX, the market value of the watch can be gauged by observing previous sales, lowest asking prices, highest offers, and original retail prices. And the watches are always examined by an expert before it is shipped to the buyer.

The RealReal

At RealReal shop, you will find Rolex used watches that are for sale. But before you can purchase the watch, you will have to sign up. Once you create your account, you will be able to access thousands of great watches across the site. 


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Tourneau is a trusted online store that sells both used and newly-released Rolex watches. Their pre-owned watches pass through a 30-point inspection by an expert watchmaker and it has a two-year warranty. They also offer free two-day shipping when you purchase a watch from them which can be shipped shortly to you or a local Tourneau location for in-store pick-up.


Jomashop is an online store that has a selection of pre-owned watches. They purchase their products from authorized dealers and wholesalers instead of private individual sellers. Most of their watches do not come with a manufacturer’s warranty, but Jomashop provides its warranty.

Auction Houses 

Those interested in buying a used Rolex watch are advised to visit auction houses. They are a more reliable source to buy used watches and there are also specialists on hand who have extensive knowledge about the watches and they certify them. At the auction houses, one can also get extraordinary offers and limited Rolex watches.

Pawn Shops And Local Jewellers

Pawn and jewelry shops are great places to shop for a pre-owned Rolex watch. At the shop, you can get a high-quality watch for a good price and their prices are based on the watch’s condition and its inherent value.

Watch Forums And Communities

Watch forums and communities are places to buy a used watch. The Rolex watch forum is a site you can purchase a used watch. And more than that, it is a place where enthusiasts and customers of Rolex watches come together to communicate and share their friendship.

Authorized Rolex dealers

One can also purchase used watches from authorized dealers. This can be done by visiting the Rolex website. On the website, you will find the store locator which will aid you in locating an authorized dealer closer to you.

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