What You Should Know About Investing In An Omega Watch: Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value


What You Should Know About Investing In An Omega Watch: Do Omega Watches Hold Their Value |  Value Watches


Some might say that Omega Watches can hold their value, successfully. But what does it mean? The definition of success may vary for different people and even for different watches as well. As a watch lover or enthusiast, holding their value is one of the most important things we always think about for all our watches.

So, how do you make sure to continuously increase or at least maintain your watch’s value? By collecting valuable information on how to take care of or repair your watches, you will be able to answer this question easily.

What Causes a Watch To Lose Value?

A watch not working anymore causes it to have less value in the market. Most of the time omega watches are tough and durable but any sudden shock drops, water damage, and wear & tear can eventually make the watch malfunction over time and there goes its commercial value in the market too. Notions like these pop up in our heads because sometimes people tend to forget that even an expensive brand’s watch need little maintenance sometimes which could help retain its worth almost forever! Either it needs some


The best Omegas can command higher average resale values than poorer Rolex watches, but the Rolex brand is still dominant in pre-owned markets, and on average, Rolex watches are worth more.

Generally, standard, classic models are typically the ones that retain the best second-hand value, and that is also the case with Omega watches. When paid at their full retail price, Omega watches tend to hold less of their cost, but if you can get a good deal, whether it is with a licensed dealer or the secondhand market, then in some cases, you can get a nice piece of Omegas value, then you can sell it at the same price that you bought it.


Values of Omega Watches

In general, you can expect that most Omega watches will fall in value the moment you walk out of the store, expecting to see about a 25% to 40% decline in value. Omega watches will also drop in resale value since you are buying them at a formal dealer and getting them on the second-hand market. Just as a brand new car loses X% when you purchase from the dealer, most watches lose in value as well when you buy them from an Omega official dealer.

Vintage Omegas or models no longer made, are going to be harder to find, so when the brand confirms they are going to stop making the watch, that automatically increases the demand for older watches in the used market. Omegas Seamasters and Speedmasters will also retain value in the second-hand market since demand is similarly strong. While the Omegas Seamaster range is not known for getting as much ROI as the Omega Speedmaster, it could still gain nearly 150% value in time according to Chrono24.

The Omega Seamaster series is also very popular with watch collectors, as the series has also proven to retain and even increase in value over time. The Omega Seamaster 300 is one of the best watches to buy now since it is increasing in value at the market rate more quickly than regular watches. The 2016 model is certainly not cheap but will appreciate over time, making the investment worthwhile.

That is where the real value in the current model of Seamaster 300m lies, a solid dive watch made by a well-known Swiss watchmaker, with luxury fittings and finishings, and for around 1/3 the price of its closest competitor. Of the Omega Seamasters, the watch which offers perhaps the greatest investment value is the Omega Seamaster Professional 300m — otherwise known as the Bond watch.