Watches are more than just a time-keeping device. Some people view it as a fashion statement. Others see it as a way to add weight to their personality. Research has shown that a person’s choice of watch can directly correlate with their personality. Although technology has made it possible to keep time in virtually every device, none of these devices have had an impact on the popularity and sales of watches. Technology has made watches smarter, and given them more features. There are many categories that commercial watches can be classified. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular categories over the years.

a. Watches for women:

Women prefer watches with a smaller dial and slim bands. Contrary to popular belief, metallic watches look great on female hands. The dial area is very small so it is difficult to add chronographs or other utilities. However, some watches have a pearl dial which gives the watch different shades depending on its angle. Some watches for women have gems and stones embedded in them. This makes them a bracelet.

b. Watches for men:

Men’s watches are bulkier than other watches. While metallic watches are popular, black or brown leather bands work equally well for male hands. These watches can also hold calendar utilities and chronographs. Some of these watches have automatic charging capabilities that draw their power from body heat.

c. Children’s watches:

Kids prefer lightweight, colourful watches that look great on them. Many watches for children have a rubber band or plastic band that allows it to be worn comfortably for long periods of time.

d. Sport watches:

These watches are ideally chosen by athletes and sportpersons. They have a digital display instead of the analog. These watches have many useful functions. This is why you can find features such as night-viewing and stopwatch.

e. Smart watch:

These devices provide additional computing capabilities beyond displaying the time. A smart watch can connect to your smartphone through Bluetooth. It can receive calls, take photos, and play music.