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Oldest Watch brands that have been existing for so long in the world
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Do You Want a Designer Watch?

When you’re constantly late or you’re always forgetting appointments, or aren’t organized, perhaps an upgrade to your watch could be of great assistance to you. What better way to choose something little out of the ordinary that you truly like and you will love wearing? Here’s a few reasons why you …

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What Your Watch Says About You

Watches are an integral component of the persona. It provides a sophisticated and an edgy appearance. It’s not enough without the presence of a watch. Your personal belongings, or whatever you put on is the basis of your persona. It’s the essence of your attire. It helps you to express your character. It represents your tastes …


What is a Chronograph Watch?

Have you ever seen a watch that can be used as a stopwatch but is also a display watch? This is a chronograph. There are two types of chronograph watches: basic and complex. Basic watches have a second hand with an independent sweep that can be used to start, stop and return to …

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Tips to Buy a Watch as a Gift

You are looking for the perfect gift to give your friend, family member, or significant other? A watch is a great gift idea. Watches make great gifts for holidays, birthdays, and special occasions. They are functional and stylish, and can be added to any outfit with style and personality. It’s not as …