Should we consider a fossil watch as a luxury brand in 2023?

Is fossil a luxury brand: Fossil history and  Brand products

The American brand of watches known as fossil is part of collections that watch enthusiasts pick as their favorites, these brands own lots of quality products and the brands have become large and have been well-known across the country. Fossil brands are not of watches alone, they have brands like bags and jewelry for both men and women. Everyone is making their choice with fossils but is fossil a luxury brand?

Most watch collector hates fossil watches but can’t tell why they hated them, some hate them due to what other collectors have told them about fossil watches. Most time we need to appreciate the timepieces and hard work done on expensive brands for people spending a lot of money to fit the taste of buyers so they can sell, if you can make anything and you tried making one and people hate your brand, what will be your reaction?

This is why some brands are discouraged and never grow, this fault is from the watch collection today not doing their proper research before judging. An old saying always tell ” Never judge a book by its cover”. Here will give you a brief on fossil watches and let you know if the fossil is a luxury brand.

Fossil watches are in china made whereas the brand design studio is in Biel Switzerland. Fossil watches are very cheap and affordable, you can find fossil watches for men and women at low prices from $50 – $300 depending on the retail watch seller you visit. Fossil watches are not luxury brands but they are good and have a perfect style that will fit your wrist.

Fossil watches

The watch has great quality and Fossil is still considered the top most affordable brand. Fossil watches are made with the best quality and their lines are made with it best thinness. The fossil watches sits perfectly on the wrist with 7mm thin with a low profile. Fossil watches are of unique shapes and of good textures, their shape is what makes people get attracted to them which almost look like vintage-style watch cases.

strap-on fossil

The strap-on fossil has less quality and can be hung if you feel it important to do so, but I’m not saying you should get an expensive strap for a watch that you know is cheap, but for your taste, you can decide on what you want to customize.

The fossil movement is a Japanese quartz Hattori movement, they are said to be reliable and can be easily sourced in the market, this movement is used in Seiko watches as well because it is not expensive. The battery doesn’t last so long, it last for 1 – 2 years depending on how it has been maintained. Once the battery is damaged you can easily replace it with the help of a technician.


History of Fossil watches

The brand was founded in 1984 by Tom Kartsotis as an international product who was a former Texas A&M University. Kosta Kartsoti was his older brother who was an executive at sanger-harris, he told his younger brother about the good wealth of them importing goods in the far east, and his option was to be based on fashion and moderated prices of watches. They decide to make their brands look different in 1990 and decide to introduce leather and relic lines with their brands (Fossil).

Fossil decided to get a brand that has been operating since 1882, this brand was the zodiac watch and was gained in 2001 for $4.7 million. Fossil thought of an idea and deuce to bid for the zodiac watch brand. In the year 2007 September, the fossil was charged with violating a financial innovation system, the case was later settled for an undisclosed amount.

Rolex was the neighborhood of the fossil in Biel Switzerland where they have their manufacturing brands in china and other distribution centers in Dallas, Asia, and Germany. In 2013 Fossils made an expensive ‘Fossil swiss” line which was a watch that was made in Switzerland. The company decided to lay off 7,500 of 10,200 employees in 2021.

Should we consider a fossil watch as a luxury brand?

No, Fossil is not a luxury brand, luxury brands are best explained by their own categories, high price, rare material, high quality, functions, value, and many more. Luxury brands are for those who give regard to high value, quality, and prestige.


Fossil brands that you should know

  • Watches: Men’s and women’s watches are still available from Fossil, which began as a watch company. With possibilities for leather or metal bands and a range of colors, their watches have both conventional and contemporary styles.


  • Bags: Fossil provides a variety of bags, including crossbody bags, backpacks, totes, and more. These bags have fashionable patterns and are crafted from premium materials.


  • Jewelry: Necklaces, bracelets, and earrings are just a few of the items that Fossil sells. Their jewelry is made to go with a variety of outfits, and many of the pieces have distinctive elements like blended materials or geometric shapes.


  • Accessories: In addition to watches, luggage, and jewelry, Fossil also sells a variety of different keychains, wallets, sunglasses, and phone cases.


  • Clothing: Fossil recently branched up into the clothing industry, offering a variety of men’s and women’s clothing. Their apparel is crafted from premium fabrics and has traditional designs with contemporary accents.

Is Seiko’s watch brand better than fossil?

Both have quality brand products that are reliable, they are no difference between both brand watches, Seiko just has a way of giving better styles to their watch.


Fossil is not a luxury brand, they only offer quality, and style and are durable. Fossil watches might not be the luxury brands you are expecting, but they are still known by other brands and also respected. Fossil brands are expanding from place to place around the world.