How to tell if a Rolex watch is real | Fake Rolex watch

Role fake watches spotted- Here is how to know if you use  Rolex fake watches

Let’s focus on Fake watches, let’s get a way to identify fake watches, let’s help you save the huge amount you want to spend on buying your watches and let’s help you tell which watches are fake and which ones are real. It is very tricky to know and differentiate between a fake and a real watch, Fake watches look very beautiful when you set your eyes on them.

You can own a watch for an entire year and still don’t know if you are using the original watches or fake watches, Rolex is the top-selling watch in the world, and people around the world are cloning the watches because people can’t afford to buy the original. Let’s discuss How to tell if a Rolex watch is real or fake.

Identifying fake Rolex watches is easy but you need to be careful, it is so tricky if you are not patient in identifying things, you need a micro-lens to complete the guide on telling if your Rolex watches are fake or real.


Serial Number 

Every Rolex has a unique serial number, In the period 2010, you can check a watch’s serial number to Track a Rolex watch, if you have the serial number of your Rolex watch, you can input your Rolex watch serial number on your google browser and it will tell you if your Rolex watch exists or not. If it does exist, it is a real watch; if it doesn’t exist, it is a fake Rolex Watch.

The fake Rolex serial number is not well engraved and it is not neat as the real Rolex, the real Rolex watch serial number is engraved neatly, solid, and perfectly.


Real Rolex cyclops and Fake Rolex cyclops
Real Rolex cyclops and Fake Rolex cyclops| How to tell if a Rolex is real

It is 2.5x different from the fake one, Rolex real watch uses anti-reflection material to make it easy to read, this is clear and hard for people to find, and the fake watch has a little tint of blue.


Laser etched crown

Real rolex laser | How to tell if a rolex is real
Real Rolex laser | How to tell if a Rolex is real
Fake Rolex laser | How to tell if a Rolex is real






This is hard to see with your eyes, but you can use a microlens to check, it is at 6’o clock, you need to pay attention to this, it is very difficult to see on a fake watch, if you find an X in the logo, that means it been swapped.

This is the inner ring of the watch, that connects the dial to the glass, bezel, this has a lot of Rolex around and it is graved, at 12’0 clock we have the logo crown, at 6’0 clock we have the serial number, this is so tricky place to check, this procedure changed already, you need to check the text, one is executed, Rolex laser graved their text very exact and very clean, for the fake Rolex, you will find the difference.

On the right side of the dial, from 1’0 clock to 5’0 clock, the X of Rolex is going to line up with the hour mark, and from 7’o clock to 11’o clock, the hour of Rolex is going to line with the hour.



The fake watch, the text is very horrible, the size and shape are weird, and the front of the dial is very tricky, Rolex change their method already, so you need to check how to know the changes, the real Rolex is perfect, the text and spacing are different, the printing of the text should be perfect, the fake one will tell you when you check carefully.



Fake Rolex back movement
Fake Rolex back movement
Real Rolex back movement
Real Rolex back movement








This is hard to know but you will need the watch on your hand, a real Rolex, the movement will sound so smooth, if you try to screw the crown, you will find it so easy to move. On a fake watch, it is very different, if you are trying to screw the crown, it is so bad, the finishing is so bad, and the movement is not like the real Rolex. You need to identify it carefully if you are screwing the fake and real Rolex to know the difference.


The weight of a fake watch is very light to the real one, with this, the fake Rolex clone company cant get quality material to get a really perfect watch, while for authentic Rolex watch, it weighs heavy due to the high-quality material used by the Rolex company.



Sometimes, they are scratches on it, the crown on a genuine Rolex is well-graved and clean, and the clasp on a Rolex watch is made differently depending on the kind of Rolex, but you need to take caution on the sharp and pristine part of the design made on the bracelet, the fake crown claps are always head up in a lower way or a bit.