Plantinum Cartier: Revolution of Cartier Tank Cintrée


Luxury watches have always been a symbol of style, sophistication, and status. Among the myriad of prestigious watchmakers, Cartier has consistently stood out as an icon of elegance and innovation. 

Among its many legendary creations, the Cartier Tank Cintrée holds a special place. This exquisite timepiece has a rich history dating back to the early 20th century and continues to capture the hearts of watch enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs worldwide.


A Glimpse into the History

The story of the Cartier Tank Cintrée begins in 1921 when the watch was first introduced. This watch was a groundbreaking departure from the traditional round watch shapes of the time, showcasing a rectangular case with clean lines and a distinctively elegant design. The name “Tank” was inspired by the Renault tanks used during World War I, reflecting the watch’s association with the war and the avant-garde spirit of the era.

Designed by Louis Cartier, one of the brand’s founding brothers, the Cartier Tank Cintrée was characterized by its elongated, curved case, reminiscent of the tracks on a tank. This curved shape made it a unique timepiece and a comfortable and practical one to wear.

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Design Elements that Define Elegance

The Cartier Tank Cintrée is the epitome of understated luxury. Several key elements characterize its design:

  • Slim Profile: One of the most striking features of the Cartier Tank Cintrée is its remarkably thin case. This slim profile not only adds to its elegance but also demonstrates Cartier’s commitment to craftsmanship and precision.

Tank Cintrée case

  • Rectangular Case: The rectangular case of the Tank Cintrée has clean, geometric lines that give it a timeless appeal. The shape itself was groundbreaking in the world of watchmaking at the time of its inception.
  • Sapphire Cabochon Crown: Another iconic element of Cartier watches is the sapphire cabochon on the winding crown. This small touch of blue adds a pop of color and distinction to the watch.
  • Roman Numeral Hour Markers: The Tank Cintrée features Roman numeral hour markers on a clean, uncluttered dial. The choice of Roman numerals adds to the watch’s classic and timeless aesthetic.

Tank Cintrée movement

  • Blued Steel Hands: The blued steel hands provide a sharp contrast against the white or cream-colored dial, enhancing legibility while maintaining an air of sophistication.
  • Alligator Leather Strap: The Cartier Tank Cintrée is often paired with a high-quality alligator leather strap, adding to its overall luxurious feel and comfort on the wrist.

Cartier Tank Cintrée strap



BRAND Cartier
MODEL Les Rééditions Tank Cintrée
DIMENSIONS Dimensions: 46.30 x 23 mm
Height: 6.03 mm
DIAL Eggshell
STRAP/BRACELET Leather strap with pin buckle
FREQUENCY 3 Hz (21,600 vph)
FUNCTIONS Hours, minutes
PRICE $23,100 – limited to 150 pieces


The Evolution of the Cartier Tank Cintrée

Over the years, the Cartier Tank Cintrée has undergone various iterations and updates while preserving its core design principles. It has been released in different sizes to cater to both men and women. The watch is available in various materials, including yellow gold, white gold, and platinum, allowing collectors to choose the one that best suits their style.

A Timeless Accessory

The Cartier Tank Cintrée transcends mere timekeeping; it is a statement of style, refinement, and heritage. Worn by countless celebrities, dignitaries, and trendsetters throughout the decades, this watch has become an enduring symbol of elegance. Whether paired with a tuxedo for a black-tie event or worn casually, the Cartier Tank Cintrée effortlessly elevates any ensemble.

Cartier Tank Watches 

1917 – Tank wristwatch

1917 – Tank wristwatch

The “Tank” wristwatch is a classic and iconic timepiece created by the French luxury watchmaker Cartier. It was first introduced in 1917 and is renowned for its distinctive rectangular case shape, inspired by the design of tanks used during World War I. The Tank watch quickly became a symbol of elegance and sophistication in the world of horology and has remained a timeless classic ever since.

The Tank watch’s clean, geometric lines and Roman numeral hour markers on a simple white dial give it a timeless and elegant appearance. It was originally designed by Louis Cartier, one of the founders of the Cartier brand, and its unique shape was groundbreaking at the time, departing from the traditional round watch cases of the era.

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A Revolutionary Watch

1921 – Tank Cintrée Wristwatch

1921 – Tank Cintrée Wristwatch

In 1921, Cartier introduced the Tank Cintrée wristwatch, further expanding its iconic Tank collection. The Tank Cintrée distinguished itself with its elongated and curved case, offering a more refined and sleek design compared to the original Tank model. This watch exemplified Cartier’s commitment to innovation in watchmaking, featuring a shape that gracefully wrapped around the wearer’s wrist. With its timeless elegance and luxurious appeal, the Tank Cintrée became another hallmark of Cartier’s enduring legacy in the world of high-end timepieces.


2021 Tank Cintrée 100th Anniversary Model

In 2021, Cartier celebrated the 100th birthday of the Tank Cintrée by launching a special gold edition. Now, in the current year, Cartier has unveiled a fresh limited edition of the Tank Cintrée, this time made from platinum. This watch stays true to the model’s history and charm, drawing inspiration from its heritage to create a stylish modern timepiece with a nostalgic touch.

The Tank Cintrée by Cartier is an embodiment of Cartier’s essence, known for its simplicity and elegance. It boasts a distinctive large, curved case that sets it apart as the boldest among Tank models, catering to contemporary preferences. The new Tank Cintrée features a platinum case measuring 46mm by 23mm, with a reduced thickness of 6mm compared to earlier versions. This design mirrors vintage Tank Cintrée styles, with polished long brancards and brushed horizontal sides.

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Out of all the Tank Cintrées created during its 100-year history, this watch and the 2004 limited edition model stand out as the thinnest ever made. This is because, instead of using the historic caliber 123, which resulted in a watch that was 6.7mm tall, Cartier opted for their caliber 9780 MC. Interestingly, this is a modified version of the ultra-thin Jaeger-LeCoultre caliber 849, which dates back to the early ’90s. This movement measures a mere 1.85mm in thickness, the same one that allowed Jaeger-LeCoultre to produce their 4mm-thick Master Ultra-Thin Jubilee watch in 2013 and the Master Ultra Thin Kingsman Knife watch, which had a thickness of 4.25mm just last year.


2018 Tank Cintrée with Arabic Numerals “12” & “6” and Baton Markers

2018 Tank Cintrée with Arabic Numerals “12” & “6” and Baton Markers

In 2018, Cartier released a special variation of the Tank Cintrée wristwatch featuring Arabic numerals “12” and “6” on the dial, accompanied by baton markers. This design choice offered a unique and contemporary twist to the classic Tank Cintrée, blending traditional Roman numerals with Arabic numerals for a distinctive look. The use of baton markers further enhanced the watch’s modern and minimalist aesthetic. This particular model represented Cartier’s ability to combine its rich heritage with contemporary trends, appealing to collectors and enthusiasts who sought a timeless yet fresh interpretation of the iconic Tank Cintrée.


2017 Tank Cintrée Skeleton

2017 Tank Cintrée Skeleton

In 2017, Cartier introduced the Tank Cintrée Skeleton, a stunning timepiece that combined the classic Tank Cintrée design with a skeletonized movement. This watch showcased the intricate and artistic craftsmanship of Cartier’s watchmakers, as the skeletonized movement allowed the wearer to see the inner workings of the watch through its transparent dial and case back.

The Tank Cintrée Skeleton retained the elongated and curved case shape of the original design, and its exposed movement added a contemporary and avant-garde element to the traditional Tank collection. This exceptional watch not only celebrated Cartier’s mastery of watchmaking but also highlighted the brand’s ability to push the boundaries of design and innovation within the world of luxury timepieces.


Tank Cintrée Skeleton details

Rose gold case and platinum case Blue sword-shaped hands for both Blue cabochon for both 46.3mm × 23mm x 7.96mm Manual winding caliber 9917 MC Limited to 100 watches each in rose gold and platinum



In the world of luxury watches, few timepieces can rival the enduring elegance and timeless appeal of the Cartier Tank Cintrée. With its iconic design, meticulous craftsmanship, and a legacy that spans nearly a century, this watch continues to capture the hearts of watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide. It is a testament to Cartier’s commitment to artistry and innovation, making it not just a watch but a piece of art that stands the test of time.

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