Roger Dubuis Excalibur: Luxury Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier

Roger Dubuis Excalibur: The luxury edition of Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier


The Roger Dubuis Excalibur is from the edition of the blacklight edition model of the blacklight spin-stone Monobalancier. This new collection of the roger Dubuis is a top niche to pick. Roger Dubuis watch brand is a luxury watch with a high-end timepiece of its bold design and technical processes. The brand Roger Dubuis Excalibur become part of the roger Dubuis family to make an iconic reference.

Roger, Dubuis Excalibur was from the inspiration by king Arthur and his sword which was built with magical powers. This makes Excalibur built with magical beauty, this is a great work done with craftsmanship. Every watch made by roger Dubuis craftsmen is done with great technology and intelligence to make the best and most functional timepieces.

The top feature of the Roger Dubuis Excalibur is its design made on its case, this is bold and large with a shape that gives the look energy. Its bezels are with glamour touch and elegancy. Its dials are with good textures which are impressive when you need to tell the time. The movement of the Excalibur watches is mechanical movements. The roger Dubuis collection is powered by its own-house movements, this design is made to high standards and quality. Movement of roger Dubuis is made with intricate patterns and finished which their brand owns the art.

The new Roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier has taken to extra mile for its creativity. This new roger Dubuis brand has a mouth-dropping material with technologies that are carbon, silicon, and fiber, which make them produce durable and lightweight watches. Roger Dubuis is in collaboration with Pirelli and Lamborghini to be in the game of making better and unique collaboration to appreciate and celebrate the worlds of sports motors and skilled engineering.


The dial

Roger Dubuis dial

The stunning frame of the caliber is made up of the 3D spinels that can be seen on the dial. The distinctive star shape used by Roger Dubuis is created by micro rays of various colors. For increased effect, it has a diamond-shaped luminous object in the center. The hands of the pink gold Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier feature a brushed finish.



Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier - roger

The 42 mm-diameter Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier casing is composed of EON gold. The bezel and flange are embellished with colorful precious stones that sparkle. The jewels’ red and blue hues are produced using a Superluminova coating, which fluoresces both during the day and at night as well as when exposed to UV radiation. The so-called spin-stones were synthesized and produced using a unique technique to provide evenness and brightness to the stones. The manufacturer has patented this revolutionary, ground-breaking idea for stone refinement.


RD720SQ caliber roger

The RD720SQ caliber, which has 178 parts, drives this innovative Excalibur watch. The movement is 5.95 mm in height, has a power reserve of 72 hours, and beats at a frequency of 4 Hz. The Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier’s upgraded micromotor reduces movement vibration. The inertia of the balance was doubled in order to create a movement that is less susceptible to shocks. To achieve increased energy transmission efficiency, the escapement’s form has been improved.


Roger Dubuis Excalibur   Roger Dubuis Excalibur

BRAND Roger Dubuis
MODEL Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier
WATER RESISTANCE 10 bar (~100m)
DIAL Skeletonized
STRAP/BRACELET Calfskin bracelet
FREQUENCY 28,800 mph (4Hz)
FUNCTIONS Hours, minutes













The work of art and creativity are bestowed on the roger Dubuis Excalibur Blacklight Spin-Stone Monobalancier which makes it more than a watch. The Excalibur collection is a work of art that makes it among the best swiss watchmaking.