King Arthur: Roger Dubuis knights of the Round table 2022

King Arthur: Roger Dubuis knights of the Round table 2022

Roger Dubuis knights of the round table 2022: Tribute to King Arthur

King Arthur is a well-known figure whose name evokes images of knights, wizards, and damsels in need from the early medieval period. His illustrious inner circle, the honorable Knights of the Round Table, however, is what matters most to us. The Excalibur Knights of the Round Table series, one of the most captivatingly inventive watches ever created, is dedicated to this knightly fellowship by the ever-innovative Swiss watchmaker Roger Dubuis.

This line is both aesthetically attractive and incredibly practical, including cutting-edge in-house movements and water resistance of up to 50 meters. See why the Knights of the Round Table line has become a sought-after timepiece among watch aficionados and history buffs alike by exploring its distinctive models and features.

Story of The round table knights

Peacekeeping in King Arthur’s realm was a major duty of the Knights of the Round Table. Not only that, but one may contend that King Arthur’s reign is when the unwritten standards by which a 21st-century “gentleman” should behave actually began. This is due to the legend that the Knights of the Round Table followed the chivalric code.

Story of The round table knights

Throughout the Middle Ages, this collection of laws influenced generations of medieval knights and made oaths to uphold them while receiving their knighthood. Honesty, bravery, loyalty, and valor were four virtues that the code held in high regard. Despite the fact that a knight’s primary duty was combat, the code placed a premium on honor and morality. Roger Dubuis, on the other hand, emphasizes three other crucial virtues: passion, dedication, and daring.


The edition of Roger Dubuis knights of the round table 2022 ref RDDBEX1025

Roger Dubuis knights of the round table 2022 ref RDDBEX1025

The family of the Knights of the Round Table has grown by two this year. These are the RDDBEX1025 and DBEX0934, respectively. This is the ultimate showstopper, so let’s start with it. The Roger Dubuis Excalibur Knights of the Round Table Monotourbillon, which made a big splash at Watches & Wonders earlier this year, is the first timepiece to incorporate measurements other than hours and minutes.

Yet, the model naturally adheres to the collection’s design guidelines, with the 12 knights standing guard around the dial to denote the passage of each hour. The manufacturer’s recognizable notched bezel also serves as the seal for the watch case.



The Monotourbillon, a second showpiece, is now integrated into the dial’s center, which is a significant change. Tourbillons are now, of course, less necessary tools for resisting gravity and more of a display of horological skill. But, the Monotourbillon by Roger Dubuis goes a step further by reducing the watch’s sensitivity to the effects of gravity and increasing the balance wheel’s diameter, which makes the watch more stable.

The 6 mm knights are back in pink gold in the meanwhile. Since the knights now have their own distinctive aesthetics, from their attitude to the armor they are wearing, Roger Dubuis set out to give them a sense of movement with the new models. These new knights closely resemble action figurines as opposed to looking motionless, as was the case in earlier iterations.

Monotourbillon: RDDBEX1025

Roger Dubuis Knights Of The Round Table RDDBEX1025 Dial

The time is also shown differently on this Knights of the Round Table watch. The watch’s circular shape integrates two gold markers that serve as rotating discs for the hours and minutes instead of actual hands.

With a purple color scheme taking center stage, Roger Dubuis once more uses Murano glass in the design. Around the Monotourbillon, these blocks provide the impression of floating. In order to maintain the watch’s uniform color, which was a difficulty given by the glass material, the entire double-surfaced flange was made out of a single piece of glass.

Knight Monotourbillon calibre: RDDBEX1025

Knight Monotourbillon calibre: RDDBEX1025

The RD 720SQ, a new Excalibur Monobalancier movement from the manufacturer, is ticking away inside the watch. Its pink-gold micro-rotor is built with a strongly improved power reserve of 72 hours, which minimizes vibrations. Moreover, Roger Dubuis doubled the inertia of the balancing wheel. This enhances stability in additional ways. Also, it lessens the watch’s sensitivity to shocks, which is already very robust.

king arthur roger


The list continues, including The escapement wheel of the calibre, which is now made of silicon with a diamond coating and has changeable silicon pallet stones, which were optimized by Roger Dubuis to keep the watch running efficiently. Effective energy transmission is ensured by this as well as a fresh lubricant to maintain the parts operating side by side without friction.

Knight Monotourbillon calibre: case

The watch has the prestigious Poinçon de Genève accreditation, which is now standard for all Roger Dubuis timepieces that leave the Maison under CEO Nicola Andreatta. This is mostly because the RDDBEX1025 has such high-quality finishing. Traditional embellishments include sand-blasting, satin-brushing, and polished angles, in contrast to the modern characteristic RD star that floats freely above the barrel.



A modern Knights of the Round Table watch features a crown styled like a sword guard, giving the impression that a blade is lodged inside the watch. This reminds us of the mythical Excalibur sword that King Arthur supposedly draws from the stone to become the king.


Round Table DBEX0934

The DBEX0934, the second Knights of the Round Table to show out this year, moves in a new, more imaginative, and modern approach for this series. With its intriguing dial depicting the earth under the knights rupturing open, this pink-gold clock exudes extreme drama.

Roger Dubuis knights of the Round table 2022

Again using Murano glass, the watch’s blood-red flange, and jet-black fissures give it a highly theatrical, glossy, and upscale appearance. The 18-carat pink gold knights are portrayed as being prepared to combat whatever the problem.

Excalibur knight

The micro-sculpted figurines are wearing medieval armor, plates, a shield, a helmet, and individually customized weaponry, as seen on the Excalibur Monobalancier. All of this is done while fitting inside the miniature 6 mm design. Every single one is put together by hand. Due to the addition of a new transparent sapphire ring under the bezel, watch owners will have a superb view of each and every feature on this dial. This ring offers a complete view of all the wonders included in this 45 mm clock.


Being the first Knights of the Round Table watch to ever have a Quick Release Mechanism, the watch is notable for coming with a black calf leather strap. As a result, strap alternatives may be quickly switched out, easily altering the look of this resolute watch.


Robius knight round table RD802 calibre ornate

The automatic Monobalancier RD821 movement from the manufacturer drives this Knights of the Round Table timepiece. With a lower power serve than its sibling and a beat frequency of 4 Hz, the calibre lasts for about 48 hours. Hours and minutes are provided, keeping things straightforward (at least in terms of functionality).

Robius knight round table RD802 calibre ornate

Roger-Dubuis-Knights-Of-The-Round-Table-Movement-Two The watch, as well as each of the parts that make up its movement, are once more completed to the greatest standards, earning it the proud right to display the Poinçon de Genève. So, the open case back allows us to once again observe some considerate and consistently inventive features.

RD-Knights-of-the-Round-Table case back

A circular finish made of two woven layers of tilted pyramid shapes gives the oscillating weight, for instance, the look of stained glass from a palace. The words “The bravest knights will join as equals around this table” are written around this elaborate exhibit. They will strike forth in pursuit of adventure, putting right wrongs, defending the helpless, and deflating the arrogant.


Tech Specs for King Arthur Roger Dubuis knights of the Round table 2022

Movement: Self-winding RD821, 4Hz, 48 hours power reserve
Functions: Hours, minutes
Case: 45mm pink gold, 15.15mm thickness, sapphire crystal front and display back, water resistant to 30 meters
Strap: Calf leather strap with quick release
Price: SGD 478,000 (Limited edition of 28 pieces)


The Knights of the Round Table series by Roger Dubuis is a particularly exceptional and magnificent line of timepieces that honors the story of King Arthur and his knights. These watches are a must-have for any serious watch collector or enthusiast due to their elaborate designs, limited manufacturing, and high-end functions.


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