How to Spot Fake Patek Philippe


Patek Philippe is largely known for its implausible designs and movements. It is also listed among the best watchmakers in the world. These timepieces are greatly desired but buyers have to be very careful so they do not end up purchasing the fake product. 

There are so many fake Patek Philippe watches out there and it can be frustrating to spend your money purchasing the brand timepiece only to find out you got the fake one. Therefore, it is expected you know how to spot a fake Patek Philippe.

Fake Patek Philippe

If you have ever bought a fake watch before, (it could be the Patek Philippe timepiece or any other brand) then you should know the feeling of pain and frustration that accompanies it. A lot of people have tried to avoid being victims of purchasing a fake watch, but they do not have the right information, hence the reason for this post. 

No doubt about it, there are fake Patek Philippe out there but the good news is that you can spot the fake watch. If you are a fan of the brand, it is advised you know how to spot a counterfeit product so you can save yourself from purchasing a fake Patek Philippe. 

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Some of Patek’s timepieces like Nautilus, Aquanaut, and Complications are so popular that there have been so many fake replicas of them. And, the manufacturers of the replicas of this watch have become so into it that it is now tough to spot a fake Patek watch. But not to worry, this blog post will help you spot a fake Patek watch so you do not become a victim. 

Every watch brand has its trademark that makes it different from other brands, so it is with Patek. You can spot a fake Patek timepiece from the serial number, engravings and logos, movements, dials, hands, and so on. Therefore, we will take a look at these features that the Patek timepiece has that distinguish it from the fake one.

Authentication of Serial Numbers number check

You can spot a fake Patek watch by confirming its serial number. Checking the serial number of a Patek Philippe timepiece is easy, mostly if it has a sapphire crystal case back or if it is see-through. You will find the serial number engraved on the inside of the case back and also the reference number.

patek philippe authentication of serial numbers

But, while Patek Philippe watches with solid case backs have their serial and reference numbers printed inside the case, the watches with exhibition backs have their serial and reference numbers printed around the interior edges.


Check Engravings and Logo

Another way to spot a Patek replica is to check the engraving on the interior of the case back. The engravings of the real timepiece are always sharp, perfectly proportional, and flawlessly spaced.  The replicas do have poor-quality engravings that bleed around the edges thereby making them look blurry.

patek philippe Check Engravings and Logo

Also, Patek Philippe watches have a discrete logo and branding that is crisp and clear. So, if the logo looks blurry or poorly printed then it is a fake product.


Verify the Movement

patek philippe Verify the Movement

To avoid buying a fake Patek timepiece, you have to verify the movement. You can always check the movement to validate the watch’s authenticity. The Patek movement is the heart of its watch, so, it is crafted with the finest materials and the latest technologies to keep time with incredible precision. It is also composed of tiny gears, springs, and other mechanisms that create a beautiful timepiece. 

However, the fake Patek watch movements are composed of cheap materials and they lack the precision and accuracy of a real material. Their gears are poorly machined and they are made from a low-quality material. At times, the movement might not work at all and this makes it just a decorative timepiece.

Another major way of spotting a fake Patek watch through its movement is the sound it makes. 


Examine the Dial and Hands

patek philippe Examine the Dial and Hands fake

Patek Philippe’s real watch dials are meant to be flawless it does not count if it is the hands, indexes, lume application, printing, or decoration. The watches have beautifully designed dials with complex details. So, if the dial looks cheap or poorly made, it should be a fake.

Also, only replicas of Patek Philippe watches will exhibit a tourbillon or balance wheel on the dial as the brand does not make closed dials with cutouts to display a tourbillon mechanism. Real Patek Philippe timepieces do not have a visible tourbillon or balance wheels on the dial.

You should also look closely at the lugs present at the 6 o’clock mark. A real Patek Philippe watch features one small diamond set in the middle of the lugs. So, if the diamond appears more prominent in the Patek in your hand or it is missing, then it is a fake watch.

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FAQs on How to Spot Fake Patek Philippe?

Where To Buy a Real Patek Philippe Watch?

Another way to avoid buying a fake Patek watch is to purchase the watch from a reliable source; an authorized dealer or a pre-owned trustworthy dealer. You can also purchase the timepiece from its official site.

Do all Patek Philippe watches have serial numbers?

Yes, all Patek-Philippe timepieces have a serial number. The serial numbers are engraved inside the case and they are visible through their crystal backs.

How Long Does Patek Philippe Watch Last?

Patek Philippe watches are capable of lasting for about four to eight years but it greatly depends on the complexity of the movement of the watch you purchased.



The materials and metals used in making fake Patek Philippe timepieces may be good, but it is still a fake Patek Philippe Watch. So, to save yourself from buying the fake product, you have to go through the article “How to Spot Fake Patek Philippe”. This is because, in this post, you will be equipped with the right knowledge that would help you not fall victim to buying a Patek Philippe watch replica.


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