Recover Stolen Rolex Watch


No one wishes for his or her Rolex watch to be stolen. It could be an unpleasant experience if it should ever happen. But there are certain occurrences that we have no control over. Rolex is one of the world’s most luxurious watch brands so it attracts a lot of attention, but at times, it could be the wrong kind of attention hence the need to know how to recover a stolen Rolex watch. 

More than knowing how to recover a Rolex, one should also know how to ensure the safety of a Rolex watch. Securing your watch includes the registration of your new or second-hand Rolex in the Rolex tracker global database. This registration process will make it much easier for the police if your watch is ever stolen.

The registration of your watch will automatically set off an alert anywhere in the world if anyone tries to register or search for your watch on their website. To register your watch, you have to set up a free account using your email address. Then, you enter your Rolex’s serial number which will be stored safely in the Rolex Tracker database.

When you create your account on Rolex Tracker, your serial number will be stored. This implies that you can still find your serial number if you ever lose your box and paperwork that came with your Rolex watch. And truly, your chances of reclaiming your watch are higher if you have registered the serial number at and listed the serial number in the police report.

The process of recovering a Rolex watch if stolen is not easy, but with a few steps, you can increase the chances of getting your stolen Rolex back. There are some steps to take if your watch gets stolen so you can recover it back. In this article, we will take you through those steps. We do wish it will be of great help to you.


  • File a Police Report
  • Notify Rolex and authorized dealers
  • Reach out to Watch collectors and dealers
  • Notify Pawn Shops and Second-hand, users
  • monitor online marketplaces
  • Work with Law Enforcement agents
  • consider offering a reward
  • Seek Legal or Insurance Assistance


File a Police Report

File a Police Report FOR STOLEN ROLEX

Filing a police report is the first step to be taken when your watch is stolen. You have to report to your local police to retrieve your stolen watch. And the report should be filed within 24 hours.

The police keep a database of stolen items so your stolen watch will be added to this database. When filing the report, you need to include the serial number of the watch, the model number and any other unique engravings, so that they have the exact details and information about your timepiece. 

Also, the police have access to national and international databases so they will inform other partners and anti-crime-and theft authorities about your stolen watch.


Notify Rolex And Authorised Dealers

Notify Rolex And Authorised Dealers

It is also important to inform Rolex brand and its authorized dealers about the watch stolen using the police report. They will help to track down the watch or provide information that can promote the recovery process.

Also, watches require proper servicing so they can work perfectly, so even stolen watches will be taken to service centers for servicing. If your watch eventually ends up at the official retailers to be serviced by Rolex brands, they will run checks to confirm it is not stolen. 

After running the check, and the watch is found to be stolen, it will be confiscated and the law enforcement agents will be informed. This implies that your stolen watch would be retrieved if it is taken to be serviced by the official retailers or the brand.


Submit a Copy Of The Police Report to the Rolex Database

It is important to submit a copy of the police report to the Rolex database because the watch would be sold after it has been stolen, so there is a chance that someone may purchase the watch without knowing it was stolen and tries to register it themselves. 

Rolex usually keeps a record of every watch they ever produced so when the person in possession of the watch tries to register it, alerts will come on and the authorities will have the details they need to find the person in possession of your stolen watch.


Reach Out to Watch Collectors And Dealers

If you purchased your watch recently, it is best to seek advice from the dealer you bought it from and inform them about your stolen watch. This is because the dealer will be able to inform more sources about your stolen watch.


Notify Pawn Shops and Second Hand Users

Your watch may be sold to local pawn shops and second-hand dealers. So notifying pawn shops and second-hand users in your surrounding areas will also help your chances of recovering your stolen Rolex watch.


Monitor Online Market Places

There is a possibility the person in possession of the watch might try to sell it, and the online market is a space where it could be possibly sold, hence the need to check these online marketplaces regularly. Marketplaces such as Bob Watches, Ebay, Jomashop, Chrono24, Watchfinder & co, and other online markets places Where pre-owned or used Rolex watches are sold.


Work with Law Enforcement Agents

Working with law enforcement agents will also help in recovering your stolen watch, so be sure to provide all the necessary details of your watch, to enhance the process.


Consider Offering A Reward

Offering a reward to anyone who finds the watch or anyone who had information that leads to the return of the watch may lead to the recovery of the stolen watch and the arrest and conviction of whoever is responsible.


Seek Legal or Insurance Assistance

Insurance companies also have their database of stolen items. Most times, this database is done in collaboration with other insurance companies to get a wider reach of stolen items and to enhance the odds of recovering those items. They also work closely with the authorities. So If you got your watch insured, you will have to call the insurance company while the police are doing their report. To file an insurance claim, you will need to have a police report. Thus the reason why reporting the watch theft to the police is always the initial step.

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