Things You Should Know About Authorized Rado Watches Stores

Tips to know Original Rado watches like an expert


Rado watches have a refined look that is easy to use for any occasion. To meet watch lovers’ growing demand, Rado has added new watches to the collection. Unstoppable innovation and experimentation with design are the hallmarks of the brand’s distinctive approach. Because authentic watches express the elegance of Swiss timekeeping, buying one is an experience and not just a transaction.

This is where the problem lies in choosing the right Rado watches retailer. Fake stores are popping up all the time. This is why it can be challenging to choose the right authorized retailer. This article will help you locate authorized watch stores close to you.

You need to be careful to make sure you purchase the original Rado. This Rado is produced by the brand. These are some points that will help you determine which features are missing from refurbished and smuggled watches.


Screws on the back of your case

Rado watches pride themselves on their flawless craftsmanship. You can easily check fake watches by looking at the screws on the case back. These watches have been made with straight slots. However, fakes can be found with cross screw slots which add to the haziness of the watch’s details.

You can also get gold plating at the back of the case.

The case back of authentic watches does not have any gold plating. They are simple and elegant to make them timeless. A gold-plated case on your watch could indicate that you may have purchased the wrong watch.

Watch face lettering is exquisitely handcrafted

Smooth and delicate, the ‘Swiss Made’ lettering is on the dial of an original Rado Watch. It integrates well with all other features on these watches. This iconic position is at 6 o’clock. The brand does not manufacture watches. They create a mess with the inconsistent lettering of the Swiss Made’.

Count the serial number on your watches.

Every watch comes with a serial number. It acts as an identification key. Rado watches come with an 8-digit serial number that is engraved on the case back. Your watch could be fake if it has a 13-digit serial number, instead of eight.

Superbly Designed Logo and Crown

Rado watches display fine craftsmanship and a beautiful aesthetic. Their elegant watches come at a great price. If your watch lacks luxury, it may be fake. Cheap Rado watches are made with a generic logo that is floppy or slow on the crown. This marries the originality of Rado.

High-quality Illuminator for watches

Poorly constructed watches contain low-quality features. A fake watch can’t boast originality or authenticity. True watches have an illuminated dial that provides clear reading in the dark, eliminating any shadows. This distinguishes genuine watches from fake watches. Badly maintained watches will give you a dull look in a dark place.

Other than the points above, it is important to be extra careful when purchasing your dream timepiece. You must ensure that you only purchase Rado watches from authorized retailers. These tips will help you find trusted Rado watch dealers.

Rado allows you to choose the Store Location option

Rado watches have an official website that can help you verify the authenticity of any place you enter. You will find three options on the Rado website: Rado Boutique or an authorized retailer. Select the option that best suits your requirements and you will get a reliable and satisfactory result. You can also search using your preferred location via the address bar located on the right-hand side of this page.

With many years of experience, watch retailer:

These watches are made by the brand’s watch shops, which have many years of experience in this industry. They were granted certification to sell the watches and follow all instructions.

Retailers of watches offer a wide range of collections.

Rado watches dealers are authorized to sell the collection as they have. Everything is covered by their selections, from the latest releases to the best-selling models. This can also be a sign that a retailer is authorized. Their outlets are also worth considering. Watch stores often have a chain that allows customers to buy watches from their preferred boutiques.

Rado Watches Authorised Retailers have many advantages that make them trustworthy. They have a close relationship with the brand, which allows them to offer many of the benefits the brand offers to their customers.

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