A. Lange & Söhne: Watch History and Timepieces

A. Lange & Söhne: Watch History and Timepieces



Lange & Söhne is a highly notable watch manufacturer. Their watches are designed and crafted by luxury watchmaking experts. Every timepiece is created using only the finest materials, with movements that are handcrafted and well-decorated in-house as well as advanced performance. Their watches watch ensures a lifetime of timekeeping.

There are countless models and styles of A. Lange & Söhne pocket watches and wristwatches that we’re built through the years. The brand delivers watches with a timeless appeal. It is steered by its values of precision, tradition, innovation, aesthetics and rarity. You can check some of the collections of timeless watches in this article. 



Lange & Söhne History

Lange & Söhne, was founded by Ferdinand Adolph Lange in Germany, in 1845. The original A. Lange & Söhne ceased existing in 1948, so the established A. Lange & Söhne trademark was re-registered by Walter Lange, who is the great-grandson of Ferdinand Adolph Lange.

And for several years, they engaged in producing just pocket watches, with the very best products being given the designation of “1A.” Well, later on after some years, the watchmakers switched gears and began to create oversized wristwatches. And today, these watches are sold around the globe.


Lange & Söhne Timepieces

Are you interested in purchasing A. Lange & Söhne timepiece? There are some elegant watches listed below, you should check them out.

  • Lange 1
  • Zeitwerk
  • Saxonia
  • 1815
  • Richard Lange
  • Odysseus

Lange 1

Lange 1

This model is the legend among all A. Lange & Söhne watches. This timepiece is the outcome of a new start. And after its launch, it became an award-winning icon in the world of high-end mechanical time-keeping instruments. 

The watch is embellished with traditional elements of Saxon watchmaking artistry, like the three-quarter plate, the screwed gold chains and the screw balance. It also features trailblazing designs such as the off-centre dial configuration and the novel outsize date on the other hand. Some of the Lange 1 models are

  • Lange 1
  • Little Lange 1
  • Grand Lange 1
  • Grand Lange 1 moon phase
  • Lange 1 moon phase
  • Little Lange 1 moon phase
  • Lange 1 Time Zone
  • Lange 1 perpetual calendar 
  • Lange 1 Tourbillon perpetual calendar 




Zeitwerk is the first mechanical wristwatch that indicates hours and minutes with jumping numerals. Its design conveys the innovative concept of the brand. One of the most distinguished design elements of its dial is the time bridge. It is part of the movement and it includes the stage for all time indications. 

The slots for the hours and minutes of the watch are organized from left to right. Zeitwerk separates itself from analogue mechanical watches with its ingenious digital display concept thereby defining a category of its own. Some of Zeitwerk’s collections are.

  • Zeitwerk
  • Zeitwerk date
  • Zeitwerk striking time
  • Zeitwerk minute repeater



Saxonia A. Lange & Söhne

As the name implies, Saxonia refers to the state of Saxony. And in Germany, it has consistently been at the forefront of technical progress. Here are some of its models.

  • Saxonia
  • Saxonia Automatic
  • Saxonia Thin
  • Saxonia Moon Phase
  • Saxonia Annual Calendar
  • Langematik Perpetual
  • Autograph up/down
  • Autograph Perpetual
  • Lange 31
  • Triple Split



1815 A. Lange & Söhne

The name 1815 is a reference to the year Ferdinand Adolph Lange was born. The watch has artisanal embodiment and several elements that can be traced back to him. It is a fair tribute to the man who established precision watchmaking in Germany. Also, its outstanding design makes it a contemporary watch. Some of its collections include;

  • 1815
  • 1815 up/down
  • 1815 Annual Calendar
  • 1815 Chronograph
  • 1815 Tourbillon
  • 1815 Rattrapante
  • 1815 Rattrapante Perpetual Calendar
  • Tourbograph Perpetual “Pour le Mérite”


Richard Lange

Richard Lange

Richard Lange is a fine observation watch. The watch has two main aims which are the highest precision and the best possible legibility. The use of superb materials and the masterly perfection of their movements also differentiate the model from others. Some of its models include;

  • Richard Lange
  • Richard Lange jumping seconds
  • Richard Lange “Pour le Mérite”
  • Richard Lange Minute Repeater
  • Richard Lange Tourbillon “Pour le Mérite”
  • Richard Lange Perpetual Calendar “Terraluna”



Odysseus A. Lange & Söhne

In 2019, the Odysseus was launched as the first sporty-elegant timepiece, and it set the cornerstone of a sixth independent watch family. Odysseus was developed for those who have a passion for watchmaking artistry and an active lifestyle. And the design expresses the A. Lange & Söhne symbol in every detail. Its models are listed below.

  • Odysseus
  • Odysseus Chronograph


Frequently Asked Questions 


What Makes An A. Lange & Söhne Watch So Alluring?

The luxurious materials used in producing the watch, and its impeccable design are two components that enhance the popularity of Lange and  Söhnewatches today. 

Also, the watches have a distinctive and outstanding appearance, that lay them apart from other Swiss-made watches. Due to this, numerous buyers find the look of the watch, its style and its beauty appealing, thereby leading to large collections of the timepiece.


Why Should I Buy A Pre-owned A. Lange & Söhne Watch?

Lange & Söhne have created different models of watches throughout the years, but when you search their collection, you will find like-new, pre-owned watches. These pre-owned watches allow you to go back in time past to put on a truly rare, no longer in-production timepiece on your wrist.


Why Are Lange Watches Expensive?

Lange Watches are this expensive because they are well-manufactured watches with some of the nicest movement finishing in the industry. The quality of the finishing of the case and the movement is done to perfection. 


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