8 Seiko Watches Models And Prices: Seiko Watches Models


Seiko is known as Japan’s most symbolic watch brand, its a household name and it has made some of the biggest marks on the watchmaking of any company. They use completely integrated technology in the development of their watches. Also, they have a good reputation around the world for being precise, durable and stylish despite producing affordable watches. 

When you purchase Seiko watches, you know you are investing in a brand that you can trust, you are buying a trusted household name and you are purchasing an authentic watch. The watches also retain their value over time even though they exist outside of the luxury watch category.


Seiko Watches Models And Prices

Seiko brand creates exceptional watches so they are a must-have for both men and women. When you purchase a Seiko watch, you are investing in watches that will remain classic and current through generational changes in style. 

The brand features a range of designs from men’s collections to women’s watches. In this article, we would take a look at some of Seiko’s timeless watches and their prices. Read below to find out more about the watch models and cost.


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8 Seiko Watch Models And Prices


Seiko LX

Seiko LX

Seiko LX watches are equipped with the most advanced movements; they are spring drives and hi-beats.

The price of a Seiko LX is in the range of $5,000 MSRP to $6,500 MSRP. The Seiko LX line is the most expensive Seiko collection. Here are some of its models and prices.

Reference SNR033 $5,500

Reference SNR035 $5,500

Reference SNR025 $5,000

Reference SNR027 $5,000

Reference SNR049 $5,500

Reference SNR051 $5,500

Reference SNR029 $6,000

Reference SNR031 $6,000

Reference SNR045 $6,000

Reference SNR041 $6,500

Reference SNR043 $6,500


Seiko Prospex Sea

Seiko Prospex Sea


The Seiko Prospex Sea series pricing range begins at $395 MSRP and up to $795 MSRP and the average fee is around $525 MSRP. Some of the Prospex Sea collections are:

Reference SNE549 $395

Reference SNE573 $475

Reference SNJ027 $525

Reference SNE575 $595

Reference SPB053 $800

Reference SPB101 $850

Reference SPB103 $850

Reference SPB175 $900

Reference SPB177 $900

Reference SPB179 $900


Seiko Prospex Land

Seiko Prospex Land

The average price of Seiko Prospex Land is around $725 with the least expensive Prospex Land amounting to $525 and the most expensive is $3,600. Seiko Prospex Land models and prices.

Reference SRPG13 $525

Reference SRPG18 $550

Reference SRPH17 $550

Reference SPB157 $700

Reference SPB159 $700

Reference SPB119 $725

Reference SPB155 $725

Reference SPB209 $725

Reference SPB245 $725

Reference SPB117 $750

Reference SPB241 $750

Reference SPB243 $750

Reference SPB259 $750

Reference SPB210 $775

Reference SRQ029 $3,600


Seiko Prospex Speedtimer

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer

Seiko Prospex Speedtimer are designed with upgraded movements and they are considered among Seiko quality watches in production. Its pricing starts at $675 MSRP and rates as much as $3,200 MSRP and the average pricing is $3,000 MSRP. Prospex Speedtimer collections and pricing.

Reference SSC813 $675

Reference SSC815 $675

Reference SSC819 $675

Reference SRQ037 $3,000

Reference SRQ039 $3,000

Reference SRQ035 $3,200

Reference SRQ041 $3,200


Seiko Presage

Seiko Presage

The Presage collection is one of the most-sold Seiko watches since it was released. The average price of this collection is roughly $1,000. Its least price is $425 with the most costly price being $2,400. Here are some of its models and prices.

Reference SRPB43 $425

Reference SRPD37 $425

Reference SRP837 $450

Reference SRP839 $450

Reference SRPB41 $450

Reference SRPB77 $450

Reference SRPE15 $450

Reference SRPE15 $450

Reference SRPE19 $450

Reference SRPH78 $495

Reference SRPG03 $525

Reference SRPG05 $525

Reference SRPG07 $525

Reference SSA423 $575

Reference SSA425 $575

Reference SSA445 $575

Reference SSA451 $625

Reference SSA447 $650

Reference SSA449 $650


Seiko SKX Suits Style

Seiko SKX Suits Style

All Seiko SKX Suits Style costs $350 MSRP. It is the most complex of the Seiko SKX collections. At first glimpse, it might look like the other Seiko collections, but if you look closely, you will see the elegant mesh bracelet that sets it apart. Listed below are SKX Suits Style collections and prices

Reference SRPD67 $350

Reference SRPD71 $350

Reference SRPE75 $350

Reference SRPE75 $350


Seiko SKX Street Style

Seiko SKX Street Style

The Seiko SKX Street Style appeals to a much younger generation. They are fun watches uniquely manufactured for specific characters. The price range from $335 MSRP to as much as $440 MSRP. Here are its models and costs.

Reference SRPD79 $335

Reference SRPD81 $335

Reference SRPE72 $375

Reference SRPE74 $375

Reference SRPH65 $440

Reference SRPH65 $440

Reference SRPH69 $440

Reference SRPH71 $440


Seiko Field Sports Style

Seiko Field Sports Style

The cost of Seiko Field Sports Style watches is $275. Here are the models.

$275 Reference SRPG27

$275 Reference SRPG29

$275 Reference SRPG31

$275 Reference SRPG33

$275 Reference SRPG35

$275 Reference SRPG37

$275 Reference SRPH29


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Which Brand is More Expensive Seiko Or Rolex?

Rolex has more expensive watches when compared to Seiko. Most of the collections from Rolex cost double or triple the price of Seiko models. 


How Can I Find The Model Of My Seiko Watch?

The model number of your Seiko’s watch is located at the back of the case. It is an 8-digit sequence of numbers and/or letters, in two segments. 


Where to Find Seiko Serial Number

The serial numbers can be found on the back of the case, as a series of numbers with either 6 or 7 digits. 


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