What Makes Seiko So Special

The reason why Seiko watches are special


From high-end quartz watches to high-end mechanicals, Seiko has you covered. In other words, Seiko offers premium watches to suit everyone’s budget, which is a major reason why Seiko is such a well-known watch brand today. Seiko offers many high-quality watches in different types, and a lot of them are priced reasonably.

While most Swiss brands solely offer high-end luxury products, Seiko offers high-quality mechanical watches starting from reasonable prices, all the way to the extremely expensive pieces of the Seiko Grand Seiko and Credor brands. On par with the Credor sub-brand in terms of finish and price, but featuring Grand Seiko’s own design codes, the Masterpiece range is reserved for the more special, higher-end watches that the brand makes. The Grand Seiko models have a build quality that surpasses that of many Swiss luxury watch brands, matching the high-end of some of Switzerland’s best.

Grand Seiko’s flawless case finishes, fancy movements, some of the best dials in the business, and huge history as a brand are why many watch collectors are buying these watches. No other luxury watch brand has woven together so smoothly watchmaking traditions that predate Grand Seiko with the latest-
generation movements, something that virtually no company on earth has been able to duplicate. Since the 60s, the brand has demonstrated an increasing mechanical mastery in watchmaking, winning awards in Geneva, with the Grand Seiko calibres becoming the best watch movements in the world. If you take a peek at Seikos history, Seiko has designed watches universally loved — only a major corporation could say this.

For decades, Seiko has been dominating the market for watches with well-earned pride, mixing distinctive, classical designs with innovations such as quartz movements and watches powered by motion (kinetic) or light (solar). Timeless designs, innovative features, accessibility, and an extensive catalog of watches all contribute to making Seiko a highly sought-after watch brand around the world. This is due to the fact that Seiko Grande has created a vast inventory of reasonably priced watches since its founding in 1881. In 1960, Seiko introduced the first Grand Seiko watches, which were luxury alternatives to the more affordable Seiko watches, often hand-built and hand-inspected for quality control.

Such movements are implemented into many of their watches, including in their upscale brand, Grand Seiko watches. From growing Grand Seikos own quartz crystals to hand-assembling quartz movements that had jeweled, mechanical parts (much like a traditional mechanical movement), Grand Seiko took those watches seriously.

Both the company’s watchmaking arms are excellent in their own ways, but without question, Grand Seiko gets that extra special attention a watchmaking company needs in order to make only the highest-quality watches. Today’s line is the Seiko entry point to mechanical watches and has been updated to match Seiko image, offering the same promise, but with better finishes, materials, and movements (look at Amazon and other sites for older models, many of which are still available).