Seiko Solar Watch: 7 Best Seiko Solar Watch For Men


Seiko brand is a household name in the watch industry and it is Japan’s oldest watch manufacturer. The brand is recognized for designing some of the most outstanding watches available and not just that, its watches are gotten at very affordable prices. Some of the key factors that have contributed to the success of the brand are its quality materials, best-in-class movements, and affordable prices.

Seiko solar quartz technology has enabled them in developing a vast category of watches for massive buyers. The solar watches are powered by the sun and they eradicate the need for replacement batteries. This in turn saves you money and also reduces your environmental footprint. Seiko solar-powered quartz watches have so many benefits hence the need to purchase one. 


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Best Seiko Solar Watch For Men

In 1978, Seiko revealed its first solar-powered quartz watch. The purpose of this timepiece was to bring an end to battery changes every few years. And the watch would function well, as long as the user could keep the watch in some sort of light regularly. 

The Japan watch brand truly makes great watches that suit any desired needs. They have some solar watches for men that they could purchase, but here in this article, we would be listing the best timepiece to buy. You can check the list and features below.


7 Best Seiko Solar Watch For Men




The SNE549 collection is a PADI Special dive watch for men. It measures 43.5mm wide and 11.6mm thick, and a 20m wide bracelet. The V157 movement, adds a quick start function, that turns on the watch after the battery has been weakened, and the second hand will move every two seconds. 

SNE549 is also an ISO-certified dive watch, that can be used for water adventures due to its waterproof rating of 200mm. It is a great and affordable, low-maintenance dive watch. 



Seiko SSG015 has an 8B92 movement that guarantees accuracy while travelling the globe. The quartz movement is more accurate than a mechanical watch, but its radio sync automatically gets radio signals to adjust the time, thereby ensuring that the accurate time is shown. It has a 45mm wide black coated case that gauges 13mm thick, 50mm lug to lug and its waterproof is rated 100m. 




SNJ025 is a solar watch for men nicknamed “The Arnie”. It is named after the watch the great actor wore in Commando and Predator. Seiko SNJ025 is 47.8mm wide and it has a relatively restrained 50.5mm lug-to-lug and 13.8mm thickness that enables it to retain some semblance of wearability.

This brand is utility conscious. Its movement stars a 100-hour chronograph, perpetual calendar, alarm function,  low battery warning, and a LED light dial. The water resistance is rated to 200 meters with a unidirectional rotating bezel, screw-down crowns and case back. 




The SSC813 has a sized 39mm wide case and a tri-compact dial layout. It permits collectors to own a conventional-looking chronograph without the stress of a vintage mechanical one.

Seiko SSC813 has a white dial with dark sub-dials that are covered with a curved sapphire crystal. Its V192 movement is rated to +/- 15 seconds per month, and it features a 6-month power reserve, a 60-minute chronograph, a 24-hour display, and a date.

Its water resistance is rated at 100 meters and it guarantees durability for daily wear. Seiko’s SSC813 case rates 13.3mm thick and 45.5mm lug to lug, and it makes it wearable for distinct buyers. 




Seiko’s SNE455 is a good choice if you desire a watch with a bold design. Its sapphire crystal and 100m water resistance ratings make this model eligible for handling daily wear and it can also handle light swimming use. 

It is estimated 42.9mm wide and 10.99mm thick, also its larger case diameter, angular case, and bracelet design draw attention. The V157 movement is rated +/- 15 seconds a month and it has a 10-month power reserve, with low power indication and date function. 




Seiko SNE039 is a solar watch for men. The model has a splash-resistant stainless steel case. It is estimated 37.4mm wide and 9.2mm thick and 20mm lug to lug. The black dial and lumed hands and indices are coated with a Hardlex crystal. 

The V158 Solar movement is gauged +/- 15 seconds per month and 10-month power reserve when it is completely charged. This movement also shows a day/date display and it prevents overcharging of the battery. 




The SSC667 is inspired by Seiko designs from the 1960s and 1970s. Its case design and blue and orange colour scheme signify the era, inspiring notions of motorsport ambitions. 

Its V175 movement is rated +/-15 seconds per month and it has a 60-minute chronograph, 24-hour indication, and date display. Seiko’s SSC667 battery will last up to 6 months when it is completely charged and it has an overcharge prevention feature. The case is 43.6mm wide and 12.2mm thick. Its water resistance is rated at 100m, and the nylon strap measures 22mm wide. 


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Is Seiko Solar Watch Worth It?

Yes, Seiko solar watches are worth the hype. They are very accurate and they last for a long duration. Seiko creates wonderful watches for specific purposes, for example, diving.


How Long Does Seiko’s Solar Watch Charge Last?

The battery on the solar watch lasts for about six months when it is fully charged. But this duration is subject to change as it is based on the quality of the battery. 


How Long Does a Seiko Solar Watch Take to Fully Charge?

The regular time expected for a Seiko solar watch to be completely charged is around three to four hours.


Are Seiko Solar Watches For Men Good?

The brand has established a great name for itself in the watch industry. This is due to its outstanding, luxurious and reliable timepieces which can be gotten at affordable prices. So yes, Seiko watches for men are good.


How Do You Maintain A Seiko Solar Timepiece?

To maintain a Seiko solar watch, you have to recharge it often, and also ensure that it is exposed to sunlight by a window with the dial facing the sun for about 5-6 hours once every month.

When you expose the watch to sunlight for recharging, make sure it is not left for a long time as the increase of watch temperature to an extremely high level can damage watch parts or cause it not to function well.

Also, exposing your watch to too much sunlight may damage or discolour leather and urethane bands. So you do not have to expose your watch to sunlight except for periodic recharging.


Are Seiko Watches of High Quality?

Yes, Seiko designs high-quality watches. They have an excellent reputation for quality craftsmanship and damn-near bulletproof movements. Also, they can be purchased at very reasonable prices, which makes it at times confused with average quality.