Dry Strike Watch Review: Features, Specifications

Dry strike watch review:  Data tracking watch for men and women

The dry strike watch is a strong watch that is a reliable and trusted watch brand model. It is inspired and made for military and police personnel for their everyday style by appreciating their work. Apart from it being a military or police personnel watch, you can as well use it as an individual who wants to be part of the journey of the dry strike, you will never regret your decision in adding this watch to your watch list as a collector.

Dry Strike is very good at its best in keeping all kinds of tracks to keep your data accurate such as sleeping, blood pressure, sport, and any outdoor or indoor activity you take part in. Its battery is worth more than expected, it is a chargeable battery that is 30 min faster when charging and lasts up to 21 days if you maintain the use of the battery life recommended to be charged for an hour.

Feature of dry strike watch

Dry strike watches are Affordable dive watches that are also Waterproof dive watches for all kinds of water activities, water resistant is 10 meters. It is well-built for all kinds of sports activities which makes it very reliable, its materials are silica gel, acrylonitrile butadiene styrene, mineral glass, and stainless steel. Its materials are of high quality and are very reliable and strong.

The watch keeps all activity data and tracks your busy day so you can check how you spent your journey. The watch is very easy to use with its bold dial which makes it easy to read, it comes with a screen protector, and USB when you need to purchase on their store or website.

Dry Strike watch works like the Apple watch which enables you to connect your mobile device with your IOS and Android, you will never want to miss out on this offer and try this get chance. You will enjoy all kinds of benefits and features of this best drystrike watch.

Its straps are 10.5 inches which will fit the wrist comfortably, it is for both men and women. You can as well adjust the strap if you feel it to big for your wrist. Yes, it can track data of your day’s activities and can also receive calls and messages, you will get a notification from your media app on your Strike watch just the same way your Apple watch work.

How to connect your dry strike watch to your phone device

After the purchase of your dry strike watch and need to enjoy the process of tracking your body data, blood pressure, walking, sleeping, and all kind of activities and need to connect your dry strike watch to your watch, this is the setup to follow to get it done and easy below

  • Go to your phone app store and search for “Da Fit” or if it doesn’t work, try “FitCloudPro
  • You find an icon with “d” for the Da fit, it is available on both Android and iPhone devices, if you can’t find it on your phone app store, you need to make a proper update of your phone to a higher software version for you to be able to download the Da fit app or FitCloudPro.
  • Click on it and download it on your device, you will get automatically connected from your phone to your dry strike watch to enable you get track your data.


Specifications of dry strike watch

  • Water resistance of 10 meters
  • Battery charge which can last 21 days
  • A 12-grade military certification
  • Use for different sports modes
  • It can be used to set up Reminder
  • Compatibility: Android 4.4 / ios 8.0 and above system
  • Bluetooth 5.0