American Made Wrist Watch Brands: American watches

American Made Wrist Watch Brands

We all know the importance of watches. They are beautiful and simple, and they also serve a purpose. Therefore, if you are a watch lover who resides in America, and you are searching for wristwatch brands made in America, this post is for you. 

If you are also searching for an all-American gift to present to someone special or a gift to wear to portray what you stand for, you can check out the watches from this brand outlined in this blog post. This information will keep you updated on the world of watches and also help in purchasing wristwatches from different brands. 


Autodromo American watch brands

Just as the name implies, Autodromo watches have a clear influence on cars, especially those in the “golden age of motoring.” Their watches are designed in-house, with vintage cues and minimalist themes which are vivid throughout their diverse model line. 

Their watches are now so intertwined with the automotive community that, in 2018, they were commissioned by Ford to design a wristwatch to sell alongside their Ford GT Supercar.

The brand’s titanium and steel cases also possess protruding sapphire crystal, sharp angles, and muted-tone dials with bright indices and hands. This is a bold combo that gives an extraordinary look at affordable prices.


Hamilton American watch brand

Hamilton was launched in 1892, and it was one of the largest US watchmakers in existence during the early 1900s. Its size gave the brand a military contract with the US Armed Forces during World War II. Although most of the watches they produced in the early 20th century were pocket watches, they started producing wristwatches on a larger scale during the war.

In 1974, the brand was bought by Swatch Group and its operations were moved to the booming watch landscape in Switzerland. Although Hamilton no longer exists as a US brand, their place in its military watch history is secured. Since its Swatch purchase, the brand has produced some epic watches. 


Bulova american watch brands

Joseph Bulova, in 1875, launched the Bulova Watch Company in New York City. Although Citizen Watch Co. later purchased it in 2008, Bulova is still known for its New York roots. The brand aired its first US TV commercial in 1941, during a Brooklyn Dodgers game. However, it later became the official watch of the Dodgers in the 1950s. Its second brand of watches, the Caravelle was also synonymous with NYC as well.

Bulova is a company of innovation, partially on its marketing techniques and partially on its timekeeping technology. Some of its innovations include the fully electronic watch (the Accutron) and the world’s thinnest wall clock, the Bulova Dimension, clocking in at 5/8 thick in the 1980s. It also has some contributions to innovations in space travel, and today it still creates innovative and unique watches.


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Martenero american watch brands

Martenero has been gathering attention (and wrists) in the micro-brand space. Their mantra, “Tradition Refreshed,” integrates the modern aesthetic into the age-old watchmaking tradition. They also intend to do this at an accessible price point, which is an objective often cast by fledgling watch companies.

In the early days of watchmaking, the brand offered a BYO (build-your-own) experience on their site for their introductory Ace and Founder models. The consumer could also choose the dial, hands, and strap combinations to their liking.


RGM american watch brands

RGM was founded by Roland G. Murphy, and the company was born out of a passion for America’s rich watchmaking heritage. Since the brand’s inception, Murphy has used his skills and knowledge to re-plant the seeds of grassroots American watchmaking. The first US-made serial production tourbillon is attributed to RGM. 

The brand is also known as the first American watch company to design and manufacture its movements since Hamilton Watch Co. closed its doors. Its watches have a simple but sophisticated appeal, ranging from their movements to their finishing. 


Timex american watch brands

Timex is one of the oldest American watch brands that are in existence currently. The brand was launched in 1854, It was dubbed the Waterbury Clock Company, and it became known as Timex in 1969. As a result of turbulent economic times or management challenges, the brand almost folded up on different occasions. However, due to its partnerships with the Ingersoll watch brand and Disney, the company was able to keep the doors open.  

The Timex company was named after its Timex model which was created in 1950.  And, in the second half of the twentieth century, it evolved to become far from the entry-level timepieces it was once known for.  Timex is currently a watch company full of variety, from entry-level watches under $40 to collaborations and vintage reissues over $200.


Brew american watch brands

Despite Brew getting their start on Kickstarter, their watches are now established in the micro-brand community of watches that are created in the USA. Jonathan Ferrer, the company’s founder and designer, gets inspiration from industrial espresso machines. If you take one look at their chronographs you’ll see it too.

Their watch cases have a rounded square profile and they are presented in steel. The dials also are characterized by symmetrical chronograph subregisters. They also with rounded square contours and minimalist hour and minute indices.


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