Rolex Watch Sizes - Current Models for Rolex Watch


Rolex is a brand that stands out from the crowd regarding luxury watches. The brand is known for its excellent craftsmanship and timeless design, and it has become a symbol of success and prestige. 

When buying a Rolex watch, people tend to look at the dial, bracelet type, hands, bezel style, and other visual attributes. Most times, they fail to consider the size of the watch which is a very vital aspect when shopping for Rolex watches. This ought not to be so. 

Rolex has different watch sizes to meet your various preferences and wrist sizes. Therefore, in this article, we will go through the various Rolex watch sizes list to aid you decide which will look good on your wrist.


How is a Rolex watch Measured?

Rolex measures the size of their watches in millimetres (mm) and it refers to the diameter of the case. This measurement does not consist of the crown or other external features. Its width is measured from the 3 o’clock position down to 9 o’clock. However, you should know that the actual size of the watch may slightly differ based on the design and proportions of the watch.


Rolex Watch Size for Current Models

Rolex has manufactured watches with several different case sizes over the years. Also, some of its watches like the Submariner and Explorer II have gradually grown in size over the years. This is due to consumer preferences calling for increasingly larger watches.

Here are the different collections of Rolex watches and the various case sizes that are presently available for each collection:

  • Datejust – 31mm; 36mm; 41mm
  • Date – 34mm
  • Oyster Perpetual – 28mm; 31mm; 34mm; 36mm; and 41mm
  • Sky-Dweller – 42mm
  • Day-Date – 36mm; 40mm
  • Lady-Datejust – 28mm
  • Pearlmaster – 34mm; 39mm
  • Cellini – 39mm
  • Submariner – 41mm
  • Daytona – 40mm
  • Sea-Dweller – 43mm
  • Deepsea – 44mm
  • GMT-Master II – 40mm
  • Yacht-Master – 37mm; 40mm; 42mm
  • Yacht-Master II – 44mm
  • Explorer – 39mm
  • Explorer II – 42mm
  • Milgauss – 40mm
  • Air-King – 40mm


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Rolex Watch Size Category

Rolex Sport Watch Sizes

Rolex’s catalog of large watches can be found among its various sports models. Currently, its largest watches are the Deepsea Sea-Dweller and the Yacht-Master II. Both watches have official case diameter measurements of 43mm. Irrespective of the watches being manufactured for different purposes, they are purpose-built tool watches designed to thrive in specific environments.

The sizes of Rolex’s sports watches range from 37mm to 44mm. Some earlier models from the Explorer and Yacht-Master collections feature cases that measure just under this range. However, the original Rolex Explorer had a case size of 36mm, while the Rolex Yacht-Master was previously available in 35mm and 29mm (Lady Yacht-Master) sizes, along with the standard 40mm model. 

Rolex Dive Watch Sizes

Rolex Dive watches are designed to be used while you are deep underwater. Visibility is usually the key in the design of a dive watch, and most of the watches do have to some extent larger case sizes that are relative to dress watches or casual models. Except for some vintage Submariner watches from the 1950s that have cases slightly smaller than 40mm, the large collection of Rolex dive watches has case sizes ranging from 40mm to 44mm.

In 2020, the Submariner was the smallest Rolex dive watch with a case diameter of 41mm (the previous models measured 40mm in diameter), while the Deepsea Sea-Dweller was the largest with a case size of 44m. The classic Sea-Dweller has a case size of 43mm. However, you should note that the case of the 43mm Sea-Dweller is quite thinner than the case of the 44mm Deepsea because it does not have the same Ring Lock structure.

Rolex Men’s Watch Sizes

The size of Rolex men’s and women’s watches has grown over the years. Though the average size of a man’s watch in the 1950s was 33mm to 35mm, most modern men’s Rolex watches have case diameters that range between 36mm and 42mm. However, some watches for men, both modern and vintage, have case sizes that are larger and smaller than this.

Historically, 36mm has been the size for men’s Rolex watches. This excludes the brand’s sports models which do have cases larger than this due to their need to include other features or functions. However, the Rolex Date and Oyster Perpetual lines offer options with 34mm cases and these different models work well on most male wrists. Also, the Sea-Dweller, Deepsea, and Yacht-Master II all have either 43mm or 44mm case sizes. Though they are larger than the average men’s Rolex watch, they do fall into the men’s side of Rolex’s present catalogue.

Rolex Unisex Sizes (Midsize)

All Rolex watches are for both genders. They can be worn by any person as long as they enjoy wearing the watch.  With this in mind, you should know that there are some Rolex case sizes and collections of watches that have more unisex options than others.

Rolex Midsize watches have case diameters that measure anywhere between 31mm and 37mm. Although, women mostly wear the 31mm Rolex watches than men, the 36mm is the typical size for men. However, you should know that these are not firm rules. Both men and women can easily wear these diverse case sizes.

The Rolex Date, Oyster Perpetual, and Pearlmaster have 34mm case size options, while the Datejust has both 31mm and 36mm options. Since the case sizes are made for men and women, Rolex manufactures diverse variations with large aesthetics. This is to ensure that both men and women can both wear them. Also, the smallest Yacht-Master features a case size of 37mm, and it is also often considered a unisex Rolex watch.

Rolex Ladies Watch Sizes

Rolex has been producing watches designed for women for a long time now. Just like the men’s models, Rolex’s ladies’ watches have also advanced in size over the years. Although some vintage Rolex women’s cocktail watches feature cases as small as 12mm, the typical size of the Lady-Datejust is 26mm. However, in current times, the case diameter of the Rolex Lady-Datejust has grown to 28mm and it now has larger and thicker lugs for it to be easily noticeable on the wrist.

Rolex watches for ladies are also available with cases both larger and smaller than this. You can get an older Oyster Perpetual model with 24mm cases, and the Lady Yacht-Master with 29mm cases. However, while lots of Rolex ladies’ watches have case diameters that are less than 30mm, there are diverse Rolex watches for women that have larger cases that range from 31mm to 36mm. Some of these models feature cases that are the precise size of the men’s models. However, the entire aesthetics of the watch in regards to the style of its dial, bezel, and colour palette are wholly designed to appeal to a traditionally female audience.

In 2020, the smallest size of ladies’ watch that Rolex made had a case diameter of 28mm. The Lady-Datejust the smallest size from the Oyster Perpetual collection currently features case diameters of 28mm. However, 26mm was the typical size of the Lady-Datejust for many years, and till the 2020 update to the Oyster Perpetual collection, the smallest Rolex Oyster Perpetual watch had a certified case diameter of 24mm.


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