Rolex establish A Rolex Certified Pre-Owned Programme

Certified Pre-Owned Rolex for an authorized retailer


Pre-owned watches have been part of the market recently and are still going on now. The research was made that pre-owned watches will increase from 20 billion swiss francs to 35 billion Swiss francs by 2030. The explanation was made notice that the pre-owned watches wll increase very fast than the new watches in the watch market.

Rolex who loves to be the top in the stock market in the watch market begins to be a genius on a great plan. Classic watches and pre-owned sectors in the Rolex store range through online deals, influencers, and auction houses. All these have something similar, even if they cooperate in a steady market.


What you need to know about Rolex Certified Pre Owned

Rolex wants to make its entire brand worth it, even if it is new or pre-owned. Rolex is now making itself a certified pre-owned watch by its manufacturer. This does not apply to all the watches but only to those who get their pre-owned Rolex watches from authorized dealers.

The certified program is for those who own a pre-owned Rolex that meets the Rolex quality standards. Your watch should be more than three years old. This was because some resellers will want to sell a new watch higher than its retail price. The Rolex certificate program is to offer authenticity and warranty cards for the watch. The Rolex-certified program will be introduced to retailer Bucherer to help acquire their steps.

What you need to know about Rolex Certified Pre Owned


The Bucherer dealers’ countries that will be first issued the Rolex CPO (Certified pre-owned) are these six countries ( Switzerland, Austria, Germany, France, and the United Kingdom). In 2023, Rolex will extend its program to its other authorized retailers, also it will expand to some other parts of the states.

As a Rolex lover who loves to buy watches, you can now have the rest of mind that when buying a pre-owned watch, it meets up with the quality standard and requirements of Rolex original watches as well.

Given that Rolex took its time to develop, develop, and test the effort with significant partners like Bucherer, planning probably started much earlier than that.

According to a source in one of the hubs, there has also been “frenzied activity” at Rolex’s major service centers, including in the United States, which is not among the initial six nations that will begin this month.

Rolex has been quickly employing more watchmakers and other employees for its Kings Hill servicing hub in Kent, and its authorized dealer network has been urged to make investments in its own watchmakers and workshops so they fulfill the standards necessary for Rolex accreditation.

What is the benefit of being Rolex pre-owned certified?

Rolex wax seal tag

You will be given a certificate of authenticity and also a new two-year warranty card. You will as well be offered a Rolex wax seal tag. To be certified pre-owned will tell you that your Rolex watch is a genuine second-hand watch with a guarantee. For authorized dealers, selling pre-owned Rolexes is nothing new, but the brand’s certification, accompanying guarantee, and even priceless extras like tags and other branded products elevate the used market.



Rolex pre-owned certified Two years Guarantee

Rolex pre-owned certified Two years Guarantee

The Rolex Certified Pre-Owned guarantee card, which is provided at the time of sale, serves as an official confirmation of the watch’s authenticity on the date of purchase and ensures that it will perform properly for two years after that date, in line with the guarantee manual.