5 Shinola Watch Review: Watch collections and history


If you want to buy a Shinola watch but are not sure if it is worth the money, you do not have to worry because its watches are worth their price. Also, we will run a review of Shinola watches below, so you won’t worry about purchasing its timepiece. Shinola is a lifestyle brand which has different products on sale including watches.

Shinola Watch Review

Shinola is a promising watch brand with a good history which makes good-quality watches that are assembled in Detroit. Its timepieces are put together by trained watchmakers, and some of the watches have features such as 300 meters of water resistance, robust automatic movements, and chronograph functions. Irrespective of this, the price the brand charges is on the high side for what you get, when comparing the Shinola brand to other affordable watch brands.

Shinola’s Watch History

Shinola, a Detroit-based watchmaker and lifestyle brand was founded in 2011. It is an infant in the watchmaking world which has taken America by storm with its “Built in America” marketing. The brand was once based on a shoe polish brand with the same name, that was launched in Rochester, New York back in 1877.

Tom Kartsotis, the founder of the Fossil Group, wanted to revive Shinola and offer jobs to boost the local economy in Detroit. Since that time, the company has had their watch manufacturing plant, which can pump out over 500,000 watches per year. They also sell a lot of other things like leather goods, sunglasses, and other lifestyle products.


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Shinola – Master of all Trades

Aside from making a name as a fashion and luxury watchmaker, Shinola is also famous for its watch strap production and collection. You can also pick from a range of leather, nylon, stainless steel, rubber, and alligator straps. Shinola mastered making leather goods over the years, and they are produced in-house by highly trained and skilled artisans.

Shinola prides itself on precision and attention to detail and they make 500 straps a day. The brand makes watch straps go through two to three layers of painting and polishing by using state-of-the-art technology. It also does the finishing with hand painting techniques that ensure each strap maintains the same level of craftsmanship and beauty of the industry.

A Review of the Shinola Watch Collection

Shinola has created a vast range of watches that are suitable for all ages and styles. It has embarked on modern designs and upgraded technology while keeping the traditional values alive and keeping the craftsmanship and technical know-how intact. Here are some of its collections.

The Runwell Automatic Collection

Shinola Watch The Runwell Automatic Collection

The Runwell Automatic Collection is created with utmost intimacy and precision. The watches from this collection do not come with a built-in battery, rather they harness energy from wrist movement, along with a 38-hour power reserve.

For watch collectors who encourage automatic timepieces for their craftsmanship, the runwell collection is a true testament to the engineers of the automatic watch movement of the 1770s.

Monster Automatic Series

Shinola Watch Monster Automatic Series

The Shinola Monster Automatic Series is a trusted tool for water lovers and divers. The series includes four main timepieces that are great for deep-water exploration without worrying about water getting into the timepiece. The Monster Automatic Series has the needs of divers and deep-water explorers in mind.

The watches are created to withstand deep water pressure and depth of 1000 feet, all their parts are also equipped with super-luminova and sapphire crystal for visibility in the darkest of waters.


Shinola Detrola

Detrola, Shinola’s latest watch collection, is ideal for a free-spirited person who is always ready for something new. It is crafted with TR90 resin which offers a new dynamic, lightweight, and durable look to the timepieces. The hand-assembled Detrola is created in Detroit with the use of imported parts, high accuracy and precision movements.

Detrola’s dial consists of hours, minutes, seconds, and a calendar aperture function. Also, the timepieces are fitted with K1 crystal, which is known as the hardest and most durable, and it is highly resistant to scratches. The timepiece’s unique features consist of silicon straps, which offer a new style and design perspective to adapt to this modern era.  Detrola collection can be gotten at affordable prices, it is stylish and colourful.

Great American Series

Shinola Great American Series

Great American Series is Shinola’s highly esteemed innovative and cutting-edge design. It is a time that offers tribute to designers and architects in America. The collection’s recent installment, called the Yamasaki Limited Edition Watch 38MM pays tribute to the contemporary designer, Architect Minoru Yamasaki. This architect is notable for breaking standard rules by paving the way for a more minimal and symmetric style of design. Also, to commemorate his legacy, the Yamasaki Limited series mirrors the architect’s craftsmanship and skill. Other collections of the Great American Series comprise the Jackie Robinson Collection, the Henry Ford Pocket Watch, the Mohammad Ali Center Watch, and the Maya Angelou Limited Edition Watch.

The Willard Program

Shinola The Willard Program

Shiniola’s custom watch creation program referred to as ‘The Willard Program’ makes Shinola stand apart from its competitors. This program pays homage to the late founder of the Shinola shoe polish company, Mr Williard Bixby. Therefore, you can custom create a watch of your choice, choosing from Shinola’s variety of straps and dials. With this program, Shinola gives you the privilege to design a watch that suits your style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Shinola Watches Good Quality Watches?

Shinola watches are of good quality and they can withstand daily beating. However, some elements such as the watch straps may not be up to par. Also, most Shinola watches are made from tough materials like stainless steel and sapphire crystal.

Some of Shinola’s sturdier timepieces like the Shinola Monster Dive Watch, are extremely robust and durable, as seen with its 300 meters of water resistance and ISO 6425 rating. This line of watches also comes with anti-magnetism and is made up of lightweight titanium.

Does Shinola Watch use Good Movements?

Some of Shinola’s watch movements are gotten from Ronda and Sellita, who are well-respected Swiss watch movement manufacturers. They started by selling only quartz watches, but they have gradually made their way to offering watches with mechanical and automatic movements.

Most Shinola watches utilise the Sellita SW 200-1 movement, which is a clone of the infamous ETA 2824 movement made by the Swatch Group. Therefore, lots of independent watchmakers can service and repair the movement inside a lot of Shinola watches. Shinola also partnered with Ronda which is world-renowned for its accurate and robust quartz movements, for their watch manufacturing facility in Detroit.


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