How to Replace Shinola Watch Battery: Watch battery replacement near me


When your Shinola watch stops ticking or you start showing up late to everything, then you know it is time to change the battery. However, you need to know how Shinola watches work to change their watch batteries. It is expected you have the right tools and pay attention to detail. Therefore, if you have a Shinola watch that needs a new battery, you can scroll down as I take you through the process of replacing Shinola watch battery.

Replace Shinola Watch Battery

When you put on a Shinola brand watch, it will make you feel like you are wearing something that was passed down from a grandfather or great-uncle. This is because the watches have the feel of the 1940s. Many Shinola watches are a little heftier in size and are designed to last for a lifetime as the other products made by Shinola. But, when this watch stops working, it can be very frustrating, hence the purpose of this article.  This article will inform you on how to replace the Shinola watch battery.


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Shinola Watches

Shinola Watches was founded in 2011 by Tom Kartsotis, a former chairman and chief executive of Fossil. It is located in Detroit, and it prides itself on manufacturing products made in America by Americans. Its brand goal was to reinvigorate the American brand and a storied American city. All its watches are hand-assembled in its Detroit factory, although some parts are sourced from outside the US using the most advanced technologies. Shinola is currently working on how to move a larger portion of its watchmaking back to the United States.

How to Replace Shinola Watch Battery

Shinola watches are of high quality, they are finely constructed with tight tolerances. This implies that it is best to have a professional change the watch battery. Therefore, if you need a new battery for your watch, you can fill Shinola watch repair form, or you can take your watch to a Shinola store with in-store battery replacement. You can click on this link to be directed to their store locator page. You can also visit any of its authorized repair centers.

Here are some of Shinola stores/centers that provide battery replacement service on-site in United state:

  • Detroit MI – Canfield St.
  • Detroit MI – Woodward Ave.
  • Chicago IL – Rush St. Store
  • Troy MI – Somerset Mall Store
  • Venice CA – Venice Store
  • New York NY – Tribeca Store
  • Ann Arbor MI – Ann Arbor Store

Shinola Watch Battery Replacement Warranty

It is best to take your watch to a Shinola store for battery replacement rather than a local repairer. However, when you take your watch to a Shinola store, your warranty may be voided if:

  • The watch was damaged by accident, negligence or persons as determined by Shinola in its sole and absolute discretion.
  • If the watch battery has been replaced by any service provider other than Shinola or a Shinola-authorized repair centre.
  • If the watch has been repaired or engraved by any service provider other than Shinola.

Shinola Watch Battery Warranty Replacement Information

Shinola’s watch battery warranty information has been provided below.

  • Shinola watch batteries are not covered under any of Shinola’s watch warranties
  • Shinola provides 18-month coverage on the original battery if it dies early.
  • To maintain your warranty, you must use an authorized service centre or Shinola when replacing a dead battery.

How to Conserve Shinola Battery Life

Here are some tips to help you conserve your battery life so you do not have to replace it often.

  • If you have no plans of wearing your watch for a longer period, you can stop the watch by pulling the crown out to the last position​.
  • You will need to reset the time when you want to wear your watch next time.
  • Do not allow a chronograph (stopwatch) function on your watch when it is not in use because this will quickly weaken the battery.
  • Do not keep your watch next to your smartphone or magnets
  • Smartphones and magnets can cause a quartz watch to stop keeping time and this may appear like the battery is dead

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Shinola’s Battery Lifespan?

Shinola batteries have an expected lifespan of 18 – 24 months. The watch starts ticking as soon as it comes off the factory line. Therefore, the battery life may vary slightly within the two years of ownership.

Why Does My Watch Tick Only Every 4 Seconds?

The end-of-life, or EOL, function is created to alert you that your battery will soon need to be replaced​. Therefore, the second hand on your watch will begin to tick in 4-second intervals instead of every second​. The watch will still keep time, save energy and alert you.