Top 6 Shinola Watch Band for Men and Women


If you are searching for a trendy, sporty or classy band, you can try Shinola watch bands. These bands are versatile, elegant, and ready for any occasion. It does not matter if you are headed out on the town, or putting in hours at the office, you are sure to find something in their collection that speaks to you and your style. They also have different Apple Watch bands you can use to stylishly complement your tech.

Shinola Watch Band

If you need a classic look, you can try their stainless steel and gold bracelet bands that are both refined and modern. To get a look that will stick around for decades, check out their alligator watch bands. For a dapper man or woman, you can check out their leather band which makes a chic statement with virtually any attire. And if you love to move their nylon, silicone, and rubber straps are designed to give you comfort and mobility. Irrespective of your personality, Shinola has got you covered.




Shinola Watch Straps for Men and Women

Shinola women’s and men’s watch bands are crafted with intention. The brand has a wide variety of watch bands of every kind, for dressing up on Saturday night or rolling up your sleeves on Monday. From leather and stainless steel to nylon and silicone, the watch bands are versatile and they are made to match your distinct style and personality. You can also use Shinola’s leather watch band as a replacement for the original watch straps your Shinola watch comes with.

The stainless steel and gold bracelet watch band gives you a sleek elegance that is both modern and refined. You can check out the alligator watch band if you need a style that thinks in decades instead of seasons, and you can complement your tech with a chic accent in a neutral black or pop of colour with the brand’s premium leather watch band compatible with your Apple watch. While the nylon and rubber watch bands have been constructed for comfort and durability.


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Shinola Brand Watch Band

Shinola brand has different watch bands. Details about these bands have been outlined below, you can check them out.

Alligator Watch Bands

Shinola Alligator Watch Bands

You can replace your old, worn-out strap with a Shinola high-quality alligator watch band. This alligator watch band is made from genuine alligator skin and it is hand-sewn in the United States to ensure quality craftsmanship. The alligator watch band is available in five colours which are black, brown, cognac, matte black, and oxblood. The bands are quick-release and have lug sizes of 18mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

Shinola alligator watch bands are made from incredibly durable leather and are designed with a style that thinks in decades, not seasons. With good leather care, Shinola alligator watch bands will remain attractive and usable for years.

Leather Watch Band

Shinola Leather Watch Band

Shinola brand had thoughtfully crafted its leather watch band to showcase taste while still maintaining comfort and durability. Since they are known for their leather watch bands, they have created over 100 different leather watch band designs. Therefore, you have the option of choosing from many different colours, stitching arrangements, and buckles featuring their quick-release strap feature. They are also compatible with all their most popular watches. These premium leather watch straps vary in length and width to give you a perfect, customizable fit to your watch and wrist.

Stainless Steel and Gold Watch Bands

Shinola Stainless Steel and Gold Watch Bands

Shinola’s stainless steel watch bands are built to last and are the perfect addition to any watch face. The bands are designed to bring you polished sophistication and ultimate wrist comfort. Each of the stainless-steel watch bands is crafted with flawless precision and detailed attention to detail.

Shinola utilizes a complex machine that requires precise assembly of Swiss-made components, thereby delivering you the finest quality watches and bands. The stainless-steel watch bracelets come in a collection of various colours and sizes. It does not matter which style you choose, each of the watch bands adds sophistication and charm to your look.

Nylon Watch Bands

Shinola Nylon Watch Bands

This nylon watch band first made an appearance amongst military ranks, giving a nod to its durability and comfortability. The nylon watch bands have abrasion-resistant and moisture-wicking qualities that make them the foolproof strap solution for those consistently on the go. From taking the kids to soccer practice to camping at your favourite lake, these nylon watch bands will keep your watch secure without worry.

They are available in a rainbow of colours and a variety of strap lengths and they offer a worry-free, comfortable way to keep your watch in place. Some of Shinola’s nylon bands feature a quick-release mechanism for easy watch band changes out. So, you can pick your favourite colour and the lug size that matches your watch which varies from 10mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm.

Apple Watch Band

Shinola Apple Watch Band

This Apple watch band is made with enduring quality, it is the smart choice for your smartwatch. Each of our Apple Watch bands will fit into your lifestyle with both style and function. Changing the Apple Watch band is also simple and secure, you can just slide the band into place with Shinola’s versatile adapter. Also, the stainless steel or gun-metal toned buckle has a resemblance with the silver or space grey finish of your Apple Watch case which offers a seamless blend. Shinola’s Apple Watch bands are designed to last through all the timing, talking, texting, and tracking you can do. All the band details from the stitching to the buckle are designed with intention.

Silicone & Rubber Straps for Daily Wear

Shinola Silicone & Rubber Straps for Daily Wear

Shinola’s silicone and rubber band for watches are soft and flexible, easy to wear and they offer a comfortable, everyday fit. It does not matter if you are going from the office to the gym or your office is in the great outdoors, the rubber and silicone straps can withstand sweat, rain, mud, and the elements much better than your average watch band, and you can easily clean it with just water and a soft cloth,

The silicone and rubber bands are known for their comfortable feel against the skin, accurate fit to wrists, and durability against inevitable everyday wear and tear. They accompany dive watches, and they can keep your watch secure both above and below water. The bands are available in different colour choices like blues, pinks, oranges, soft yellow, black, crimson, and grey. So, you can pick your favourite colour, a longer or shorter strap length, and the lug size that matches your watch like 10mm, 20mm, 22mm, and 24mm sizing options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Change My Shinola Watch Band?

To change your watch band, follow the steps below.

  • Access the spring bar outside of the lug/horn
  • Depress the spring bar end from the outside of the lug/horn with the pointed tip of the tool
  • Drag up on the end of the band where it connects until it releases
  • Replace the spring bar in your new Shinola band
  • Insert one end of the spring bar into the hole inside the lug/horn
  • Depress the spring bar with the tip of your fingernail or fork end of the spring bar tool then insert it into the opposite side of the lug/horn
  • Next, you confirm the attachment

How To Determine What Shinola Watch Band Size You Need?

To know which band size you need, you will have to measure the distance in millimetres between the lugs on your watch case. The number reflects the strap size you need.


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