10 Rolex Watches Increase List Prices For 2024


The 2024 began with Rolex increasing its list price, and we will delve into the details of this increase in this article. Every year, almost every brand unveils a refreshed price list for their timepieces, and it was anticipated that Rolex would unveil its also along with the other brands. In the year 2023, Rolex experienced a significant price decline within the secondary market. Hence, as the new year kicks off, Rolex is rebounding with a more formal price increase for 2024.

Increase List Prices For 2024 from Rolex

Rolex does increase its prices but it depends on two different factors: the first pertains to inflation, the cost of raw materials, and the cost of energy, while the second pertains to marketing decisions and secondary market trends. The end of the pandemic generated high inflation in both the United States and Europe, while geopolitical tensions have led to an increase in the costs of both raw materials and energy. However, in 2023, due to the actions of Central Banks, inflation was reduced, and the list price increases were also lower than those that occurred in January last year. The average 2024 increase was 4% compared to 7.8% in 2023, this is about half.

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Overview of Rolex Model Price List for 2024

Here is the price list for Rolex watch models in 2024.

Oyster Perpetual

Oyster Perpetual price increase for 2024

Oyster Perpetual is one model that increased the most in 2023, the highest being the 36mm version (Ref. 126000) with +11.82% over 2022. The increase in this model is perhaps also due to the special conditions that the watches have experienced in the secondary market. The resell prices have risen so fast and high that Rolex may have increased their price list about this “market” effect as well.

In 2024, Rolex increased the prices of all five configurations (28mm, 31mm, 34mm, 36mm, 41mm) although much less, the 124060 now costs €6,350 +3.25% compared to €6,150 last year, while the 124300 was increased by +3.10% and it now costs €6,650 compared to €6,450 in 2023.



Ref. 126500 rolex DAY TONA, price for 2024

There was a reference change that took place in April 2023 for the Daytona with the introduction of Ref. 126500, which replaced Ref. 116500. The collection is among those with the largest increases, and in the last two years Ref. 116508 has grown by +15.28%, second only to the Oyster Perpetual 126000.

The classic model with a black bezel (Ref. 126500LN) increased +6.38% to a list price of €15,850 while the Oysterflex configuration (Ref. 126519LN), increased +6.16%, and it now costs €33,600. For the Daytona Le Mans, there are rumours of its imminent discontinuation, but there is still no official word from Rolex. However, this model is still available on the site and has also undergone an increase. It now costs €53,800, which is +3.96% more than the initial list price which was €51,750.



Explorer rolex increase price for 2024

The increase for the Explorer model was moderate, it was below the average of 4%. The Explorer I was modified by +2.74% to cost €7,500 while the increase last year had been +6.57% with a cost of €7,300. The Explorer II, in contrast, registers +3.59%, while the year had grown by +7.73%, the list price in this case being €10,100 against €9,750 last year. Therefore, for the first time, this model crosses the 10k list price threshold.



Ref. 228239 day date price 2024

In the previous year, there was the same increase for the white gold and rose gold configurations, Ref. 228239 and 228235. The two, however, maintained the same list price that came in at €43,600 up +4.06% from last year’s list price of €41,900. The yellow gold model also increased in line with the two mentioned above, thereby reaching the 40k threshold for the first time with a list price of €40,300.



Submariner rolex price for 2024

For the Submariner, the model to increase the most was the no-date (ref. 124060), which came in at €9,550. The version with date increases of +3.86% also came in at €10,750, and lastly, the green at €11,300.


GMT Master II

GMT Master II rolex watch price 2024

Another collection that has seen fairly high price changes after the Daytona, is the GMTs. The reference 126710, in both Oyster and Jubilee bracelet configurations, has increased by about +11%. This is a similar increase even for the ‘Destro’, and now all the variants of the steel GMT are around 11k. Well, for the 126715CHNR, the increase was +4.17%, from €40,800 to €42,500.



Sky-Dweller 336934 price in 2024

The Sky-Dweller is among Rolexes that have increased extensively over the past two years, with +8% for both the Oyster and Jubilee bracelet versions. With the Daytona, a reference change from 326934 to 336934 also took place. And currently, after an increase of about +3.8%, both configurations pass the 16k mark.



Yacht-Master 126622 price for 2024

Some of Rolex’s lowest increases are found within the Yacht-Master collection. Ref. 126622 is up +2.02%, while the model with a rubber bracelet (Ref. 126655) grows +3.96%. The lowest price overall is the Yacht-Master II which increases only +1.86%.



Date-Just 126334 price for 2024

After Oyster Perpetual, Rolex’s other entry-level model also experienced an increase, the Date-Just. The increase for this model is in line with the general average. The reference 126334, both Jubilee and Oyster increased between +3.7% and +3.8%, while reference 126300, in the Oyster version, increased +4.29% to €8,500.


Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Are the Price Increases for Rolex Watches?

The prices of Rolex watches increased by about $400-$500. However, some models have larger increases.

When Does Rolex Increase their Prices?

Rolex increases the prices of their watches on January 1 across the board. But in some cases, like when a currency is becoming extremely devalued, Rolex will then adjust its price.

Does Rolex Increase its Prices Every Year?

Well, not in every currency. From 2012 up to early 2020, there were no Rolex price increases in the USA, but prices in Brazil increased three times in 2018 alone

Which Rolex Watch Prices Increased the Most?

Percentage-wise, the steel and two-tone Rolex models increased more than the precious metal models. But this can change in any given year, it depends on the market prices for gold and platinum.


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