Best Apple Watch for Small Wrist: Top Picks for Apple watch

Apple Watch for small wrist: Wrist size to consider when buying an apple watch


People with small wrists find it difficult to know the watch wrist size that will fit them. Why go too far to get a Bigger Watch Wrist? Apple watches are the best to own, if you are seeking for where you get the right wristband that will fit your wrist we are here to help. In this article, we will tell you about the apple watch for Small wrists and Top picks which you need to consider when you don’t know your wrist size when selecting a watch that will suit your wrist, this post is for you.


Why you need to consider the apple watch for a small wrist

Design and style

If you selectin the perfect styles, and colors to match your wrist, this will match your personal lifestyle bringing out the beauty of the apple watch on your wrist.


The apple wristbands can be customized and changed to your perfect size at your pick, you can add any customization depending on the kind of fashion you want it to look unique for you only.

Apple Watch compatibility with its device

People who already own apple products such as the iPad, and iPod can get their device connected to the apple watch worn on their wrist, which gives them easy access to streamlining from their phone through their apple wrist watch.


Apple watches are of different weight sizes which you need to know or choose the one that fits your wrist. Apple wrists are in 41mm and 45mm sizes, 38mm, 40mm, and 42mm sizes. Ensure you know the wrist size that will fit you comfortably.

Apple features

Features on the apple watch help to monitor the human body such as fitness tracking, rate of heart monitoring, and health monitoring which are accessible on the apple watch and important to your health.

Top pick for small wrist in apple watch

Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm and 45mm)

Apple Watch Series 7 (41mm and 45mm) - apple watch wrist

The 41mm is a bit bigger than the 40mm, while the 45mm bit bigger than the 44mm versions. 41mm is for those with small wrists who will find it more comfortable to wear on their wrist, the apple watch screen on 41mm is not so big as 45mm, the 41mm screen still maintains its shape, while the 45mm has a big screen and the wrist is for people with the wide wrist.

The 41mm is light on the wrist which weigh 32.0 gram of aluminum, 42.3 of stainless steel, and 37.0 gram of titanium. While the 45mm weight 38.8.0 of aluminum finish, 51.5 grams of stainless steel, and 45.1 grams of titanium.


Apple Watch SE (40mm and 44mm)

Apple Watch SE (40mm and 44mm) - small wrist apple watch

Apple watches with 44m are the largest size produced which later replaced the 42mm in the SE series from the apple watch series 1 – series 3. It is more the official bands used for wrist sizes. While the 40mm has a bigger screen than the 38mm of the series 3. The 40mm is the best recommended for a smaller wrist, its display is large and it looks nice on the wrist.


Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm and 44mm)

Apple Watch Series 6 (40mm and 44mm) - small wrist apple watch

The 40mm has a small display, size, and shape. It is better for those with a tiny or small wrist, the 40mm will fit people with 130-200mm wrists. The 40mm series 6 apple watch is lighter. While the 44mm is bigger in shape, display, and size. It weighs more than 40mm which will as well fit people with wrists of 140-220mm. If you have a bigger wrist you can consider this apple watch for your wrist.


Apple Watch Series 4 (40mm)

apple watch for small wrist - series 4 40mm

It is applicable for those with smaller wrists, while for bigger wrists can go for the 44mm which has a big display and screen, 130-200mm is applicable for those with small wrists 140-220mm are those with bigger wrists are recommended to choose 44mm. The series 4 apple watch is known for its old model but it is still a part to consider when choosing an apple watch for your wrist. The series 4 comes with fitness tracking and a health monitor.


Apple watch series 5 (40mm)

apple watch for small wrist

This is another great apple watch to choose from and consider which fits the wrist for a tiny or small wrist. It works like other apple watches with well display feature which is comfortable to be visible.



Selecting the wrist for you and then considering buying an apple watch will make a lot of changes and allow it very comfortable for you. Follow our tips and know your picks in the type of apple watch for a small wrist.