Continuing the tradition of fine watch making

Longines is a watch manufacturer that has a long history of excellence in craftsmanship. Every timepiece is decorated with skill and care to create unique designs. The watches’ charm is enhanced by the well-placed hour and minute hands. Some models have diamond studding that enhances the piece’s shine and lifts the personality of the watch owner.

The brand’s tagline “Elegance Is an Attitude” motivates them to make watches. The brand’s watches are undoubtedly brilliant, with high-precision materials such as stainless steel, leather and yellow gold, mixed steel and ceramic, and many other.


A number of strong collections include exceptional watches for men and women. Conquest and Hydro Conquest are the most popular among them.


The collection’s name matches its exceptional watches. Conquest watches are fashionable and stylish. The adorable designs are responsible for the sharpness of the models. These watches are elegant and fashionable thanks to their finely polished straps and bezel. The watches in the collection are accurate thanks to the quartz movement. The pieces are made of stainless steel, which provides durability. The timepieces in the collection all have round dials. Conquest watches are scratch-resistant and durable thanks to their sapphire glass covers.

Dolce Vita

Dolce Vita, a French term that means “good life”, is also known as Dolce Vita. The collection’s glamorous women’s watches will delight the eyes of any female watch wearer. The watches have well-articulated designs and rectangular dials to fit a woman’s wrist. The models are glossier thanks to the use of stainless steel case material. There are two types of stainless steel straps: leather and leather. Leather straps are more comfortable and the two-tone straps offer more variety. There are many functions, including chronograph, date display and analogue, as well as dual dial, grandee seconds and small seconds.

Hydro Conquest

The Hydro Conquest watches are bold and show off a strong personality. The dials are beautifully painted with silver, blue and black. Steel case and stainless steel strap combine to give toughness. The two-tone strap captures the unique aura of the wearer. There is also an option for quartz mode with the automatic timekeeping. The sharply pointed hands are a wonderful way to add beauty to the dials. The watches are more sophisticated thanks to the inclusion of the tachymeter scale at their bezel. Every watch in the Longines line is engraved with the iconic Longines logo at the top of each dial.

La Grande Classique

The collection’s focal point is its simplicity, which keeps it close to formality. The elegant design of both men’s and ladies watches enhances the user’s aura. The collection has very little difference between male and female watches. While the dials of male watches are larger than those of women’s watches they otherwise look identical. The dials have minimal decoration. The roman numeral with pin-point hands displays grace on the wrist. The most appealing models have stainless steel, gold-plated and two-tone straps. While the blackish leather straps provide durability and hold the wrist securely, they are the most durable.