An Outline of Tissot Watches

Tissot Watches for men


As with other well-known Swiss luxury watchmakers, Tissot also gives emphasis on the latest developments. Their carefully crafted watches have helped them earn the trust of all watch lovers. Additionally, they also pay attention to the aesthetics of their models so that they catch the attention of people who wear them.


  • Design

If you are a keen observer of the style of watches from Tissot and watches, it is obvious that they will always place a premium on the most popular designs. It’s normal since the preferences of watch owners are constantly changing. This is why the company has been incorporating numerous tried and tested ways to enhance the design of its watches.

One will be glad at the knowledge that the manufacturer doesn’t continue to offer similar-looking watches for an extended period of time. In 1953, as they celebrated the 100th anniversary of their founding, they launched the “single caliber” procedure. In addition, they also loosened the movement which resulted in the fact that they saw huge successes.

  • Achievements

There are numerous significant achievements achieved by Tissot that led to them were one of the top-selling luxury watches in Switzerland. They were among the first to create an anti-magnetic watch around the globe during the First World War. They also developed their own movements, which allowed them to make top-quality watches at affordable prices.

  • Style

Elegance is among the primary factors that make a luxurious watch attractive to people who wear it. For women who wear watches, they have introduced various collections of watches that are suitable for those who wear them at any time. Paying attention to every little detail they succeeded in bringing out something an attractive and beautiful woman would be thrilled to have in her watch.

For male patrons, they introduced The Tissot Navigator in 1951. The product ended up bringing scores of praises and acknowledgments from enthusiasts and aficionados.

Leather straps and models were designed to fit the specific work of the wearer and the elegantly fashionable bracelets were made for professionals.

  • Breaking the pattern

Tissot created timepieces specifically for the younger generation, with which they broke away from the traditional route. They were lavish and authentic. Their innovation is apparent in the use of different materials, such as fiberglass. The result was that the timepieces became more appealing and attractive.

Also, technically, they began to produce watches that had the Astrolon movement.

A few precise and technically sound Tissot watches are showcased in order to provide you with an idea of the uniqueness of the brand’s watchmaking.


  • Tissot Touch Collection Moto GP T048.417.27.207.01-Colourful and sharp:

The perfect blend of colors and high-end materials make this watch one of the most inspiring time-telling tools for professional racers. The title of the watch is that it was specifically designed for people who love adventure sports.

With exceptional features such as chronographs that measure the speed at which time has elapsed This amazing piece from the Tissot Collection Moto GP line is able to keep you safe from any type of problem while out on the track. Silicon ensures that the band of the wristwatch is sturdy and comfortable. The steel that is commonly used was modified to create a case that makes this watch durable in any kind of situation.

The strap is multi-colored and looks attractive when worn and boosts your mood. It’s a model for men that demonstrates the bold style of racing. With its bright hands and reddish markers, it will offer a delicious treat to you. The tachymeter-like dial can be turned by the user in order to record the time of the day. Additionally, the dial’s enriched design makes this piece an amazing one.

Mineral crystal protects the dial, as well as protects the dial from shattering and scratches. The date window is located at 3 o’clock. The sleek look of this watch is always ready to ignite your flame.


  • Tissot T Classic T063. back to the basics:

Invoking the look of a classic wristwatch This extravagant piece of the T Classic collection of the brand will stop your heartbeat. Its glistening design recalls a dazzling woman who wears a watch. She will surely be amazed by the attractive time-teller for a special occasion.

This watch is of unmatched quality. The case measures 33mm and is constructed from steel, which makes it a durable and long-lasting model. A rounded, silver-colored shade and stainless steel-made bezels match with other components in this particular model. The distinctive bracelet of this watch provides an explanation of why this model is distinctive.

The lack of extravagant features makes this model suited to watch enthusiasts with different tastes. The matte black dial consists of a date counter located at 3 o’clock. It displays the present date. The sapphire crystal not just allows for the watch a clear view of the movements but shields the glass from scratch marks. The essential water resistance function protects this watch from all dangers posed by water.

The Swiss-made quartz movement is featured in this model, allowing it to record the exact time.


  • Tissot Special Collection T092.417.27.057.03-An eternal wonder:

There’s a saying “Form is temporary and class is permanent”. This is true for this watch which is an individual piece of art in itself and is distinct from the other models. The Tissot Special Collection model is the one that will keep you at the highest level. Date display and chronograph functions are built into it so that it will maintain the precise time.

The stunning design of the dial adds charm to the wearer. The tachymeter scale in the bezel is useful for the sportsperson. The stainless steel-made 45.25mm case allows it to endure in any kind of situation. The “Nicky Hayden” series watch is a true pleasure for all watch lovers and watches aficionados.

The strap of rubber is elegantly made using a vibrant blue color. The date window appears at the 3 o’clock point. Sapphire crystal with anti-reflective and scratch-resistant glass is mounted on the dial and protects the watch from scratches. The water resistance is an added feature to ensure that the watch is never damaged by the ravages of water.