How to check citizen watch serial number: How to Guide

How to check citizen watch serial number: How to Guide


If you have a Citizen watch in your collection right now, and you can not recall the serial number, this article is for you. Your watch serial number is needed for a lot of reasons, and some of these reasons are stated below. Discovering your watch serial number will be of great benefit to you. Therefore, the purpose of this article is ‘How to find Citizen Watch Serial number’. It will guide you on how to search for your watch serial number.


Citizen Watch Serial number

Citizen watches have serial numbers on the back of the watch case that reveal the year and month of manufacturing. Any Citizen watch made after the late 1950s has a serial number. The serial numbers are normally 8-digit numbers, but they can be from 6 to 9 characters and modern Citizens may have a letter (O, N, or D) in the second position, if the second digit is a zero, you have to check in case it is the letter O. 

So let us take this as a citizen watch serial number 90203597. It is an eight-digit serial number, the first number is “9”, so it implies that the watch was made in a year ending in 9. And it could be 2019, 2009, or 1999. The next two digits reveal the month the watch was produced, which is in February.


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The Citizen brand is well-known and respected in the world of watches today, and owning a real Citizen watch is truly a great investment. But, with the proliferation of fake watches in the market, it is vital to ensure that you are getting a real product, this is one reason you need to know the serial number.

The numbers on the back of the watch are the serial numbers. And with these numbers, you can unravel a lot about your timepiece, like when it was created and what model it is. Therefore, if you just purchased a citizen watch and want more information about it, the watch’s serial number will help you trace the company-owned database information of the watch. 


Reasons why you need the Citizen Watch Serial Number

There are several reasons why you need the citizen watch serial number, some of the reasons are written below.

  • You need the citizen watch serial number to keep track of things like the batch your watch came from, who made it, the year or month it was made, and so on.  You can also visit citizen watch website for guidance at


  • A citizen watch serial number check will disclose if the watch is stolen. If the watch is stolen, any authorized jeweler of Citizen or any stores from the company will flag the timepiece as one. 


  • You need the serial number to authenticate whether your watch is genuine or counterfeit. If a model was first released in the 1980s but has a watch serial number dating to the 1970s, then it is very likely a fake. Another way to tell if a Citizen watch is real is through the back of the case. A real Citizen watch will have a serial number and model engraved into the case. A missing number shows that your watch is fake.


  • A citizen watch serial number will tell you the estimated date of production of a watch and help you trace its authenticity. 


  • If you want to estimate the value of your watch or buy a pre-owned luxury watch, the serial number is very important. 

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  • Citizen watch serial numbers will help collectors because they state the year of production and the month thereby keeping you protected in the event of a lost or stolen watch. If you purchase a Citizen watch, Citizen knows you as the owner. So if something happens to that watch, or it gets stolen or misplaced, you can report your missing watch. And if eventually, that watch is brought in for servicing, it will be marked as a stolen timepiece.  


  • If you are trying to value your watch or you just want to know its history, you should check the watch serial number to know if it matches the paperwork. This is because some official watch dealers have given the wrong paperwork with the watch, ignorant of the later significance this would have when it comes to value. Not until later when the customer or a family member comes to sell the watch many years later, then they realize the dramatic effect this can have on the value of the watch.


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Where to find the Citizen Watch Serial Number

Citizen watches have a unique serial number that can be used to validate the authenticity of the watch. But where is the number? Well, it relies on each watch, but here are a few tips for finding one.

  • The Back Of The Watch

Citizen watches have serial numbers on the back of the watch case that indicate the year and month of manufacturing. But you will need to know the difference between a serial number and a reference number, a model number.

  • The Watch Movement

If your watch is a modern one with a sapphire case and you can see the movement from the back, then the number is engraved on the movement from the back of the case.

  •  The Warranty Card

If you have your warranty card from your citizen watch, you will find the serial number there.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Are Citizen Watches good quality?

Just like other watch brands, Citizen watches have stood the test of time, so yes they are good quality watches. They also combine quality with style at an affordable price. 

What Is Special About Citizen Watches?

Citizen watches are high-quality timepieces that offer precision, durability, and style. Some of their most popular products are the Citizen Eco-Drive, Citizen Promaster, and Citizen Chrono. It is an outstanding watch brand that will last almost forever.


What Do The Numbers On Citizen’s Back Of Watch Mean

The numbers on the back of the watch are its serial numbers. They are there to help you figure out a lot about a certain timepiece, like when it was created and what model it is.


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