A classic taste highlighted by creative concepts:

Incorporating all aspects of genuine production, watches of this vintage adorn the wrists of wearers who are devoted to the accuracy. In the year of its anniversary, it has made many achievements. To commemorate these accomplishments with a jovial mood, you should consider an La Grande Classique watch. The slim design is stunning by the addition of the special case.

It is about elegance that is the primary focus of the brand and the watches in this collection aren’t different from that. They are watches designed to meet the preferences of the younger generations, yet still retain its high-end quality, which has made it a cult status among watch enthusiasts.

Watches for men as well as ladies:

Longines La Grande Classique collection comprises of exceptional watches designed for both men and women.

La Grande Classique for Men:

This Longines watch brand has taken from France The watches in this collection feature the same expertise that the French have in the design of their watches. Each piece of this line looks and feels like a jewel. It is a joy for the person wearing it. The thin surface is supported by a sparkling and strong steel case. In addition, the gold-plated cases increase the value of the watch and will also shine on the wrist of the wearer. The stainless steel and platinum PVD cases of the watches offer an appealing and scent that is enough to attract watch enthusiasts. The gold PVD stainless steel case retains its sparkling shine as well as adds longevity to the watches.

In addition to the standard round-shaped case, the watches also come with tonneau-shaped cases. This is a sign of the exceptional thinking procedure. The dials are decorated with a numerous diamonds. Diamond is a valuable gemstone that helps to increase the prestige of a wearer. A variety of colours, including mother of pearls, black silver, white and gold are used to enhance the look of the dials and create a perfect setting for watch enthusiasts with diverse tastes. Black is a masculine hue that is suitable for brave men.

Straps secure the case. They are constructed of leather, gold-plated stainless steel and two-tone materials. Gold plated straps bring the golden radiance on the wrist of a wearer. The straps made of leather are colored in black. They provide durability and smoothness to the watches. The most common is stainless steel. material that is being added in a few models to make them solid and sparkles on the wrist of wearers.

Both automated and quartz movements have been available with these watches. The majority of La Grande Classique men’s watches come with quartz movements and certain models come that come with automated watches. 30 meters of water resistance is among the primary features these watches have. They are water resistant. Date display counters are available in a few watches. It displays the most current time to wearer and is located on the right hand side on the display. The majority of these watches have an the analogue display. The watches have hands that display time with precision.

La Grande Classique for Women:

The women’s watches that are charismatic from the Longines collection sport small dials which are adorned with stunning design to enhance the appeal of a woman who wears a watch. Similar to the watches for men ladies’ watches also feature tonneau-shaped dials. This is a unique feature in design of watches.

Dials are painted using an array of colors like champagne black, blue as well as grey, white and mother-of-pearl. Dials for watches that are polished in blue give an athletic look. The black dials included in models offer an impressive appearance. The white dials of watches bring out a sparkling appearance and sparkles when placed on your wrist wearer. Grey dials are the most appealing due to its vibrant essence that makes watches extravagant. Champagne is a brand new color which has been introduced to the dials of watches and the the mother of pearl dial shows the personality of a loving woman.

30-50 meters the water resistance of these models shields they are protected from any danger caused by water. Date display is a feature that is offered in certain pieces in the La Grande Classique collection. It displays the date of the day to wearer and is situated on the right-hand side of the dial.

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