Norqain watch Review: The Swiss Alps inspired Timepiece

Review the Norqain watch inspired by the Swiss Alps for adventure, freedom, and independence

Swiss brands are doing a perfect job in the watch industry, Norqain watch made history even though it is a new watch that was founded by Ben Kuffer in 2018 but many people don’t know about this watch in the market industry.

Norqain is of great quality and has a smooth finish, they are as well affordable with it high-quality materials. Let’s discuss the review of the Norqain watch review.



Norqain watch is well customized and was inspired by the Swiss Alps which makes them understand adventure, freedom, and independence. The Norqain is made with quality materials of 18k gold, 316L stainless steel, ceramic, and bronze which make the design more durable and comfortable for all kinds of events and weather environments you are choosing on wearing the watch.

On its dial, it has the date in a box on the left side which help to tell how you are spending the journey of your day and always remind you of how long you are spending your life. The Starp made with Norqain watches are made with a great choice which you can as well customize you kind of strap you want to be on your watch. They are made in different styles: Mesh rubber, satin, leather, stainless steel, nato rubber, flex, steel Neverest, Nordura fabric, Croco-style, and more.

The design of the Norqain watch is to show the fact that life is fun and full of what we have, its water resistance is 100 meters, and we should always know are all on a journey in all ways of our lifestyle.




Norqain case width is 42.88 mm with a height of 12.5mm which is a perfect match for the wrist. It is well made giving a fashion look just like a silhouette. At 3 o; clock it case is asymmetry which makes a lot of perfection and can make a special event of you engraving your name on it.




Norqain watch movement is a mechanical movement, it explains how everything matters in life, and every second and hour spent is very precious. Norqain is of the Swiss brands that make their movement to be mechanical, which is well handled by experts in Tavannes.

After the movement is made a proper check and test is made on the Norqian watch movement to ensure it gives the quality they promise as serving their lovers with better function, trust, and durability. Norqain movement is a house made which is well customized. Its dial is engraved with NORQAIN giving it a standard quality and appearance. The Norqain calibre is NN20 amd ETA/Sellita Movemetns.

Power reserve

NORQAIN Power reserve

Norqain serve a long-lasting hour which was unexpected the fact as it was a new watch. It has an NN20/1 with GMT NN20/2 which are 70-hour power reserves that can serve long term in any adventure or journey you are spending as part of your lifestyle. It last longer if you maintain your watches and make proper maintenance.




It is made of better quality and is properly brushed with smooth finishing, the link is attached in the center to give a good look when worn on the wrist. Its clasp is of four micro adjustments which are hidden, it is easy to use and clips give and perfect look.


Norqain watches are the price watch in the Swiss brand, despite their high-quality material, sapphire crystal, movement, and stainless steel, they are considered unbeatable. The Norqain watch can withstand any kind of weather conditions, it is so strong and was made with the inspiration of the swiss alps. It is a perfect match for activities like camping, hiking, and other cold weather.

Considering durable, reliable, and high-quality watches, Norqain should be on your list. Its design is the peak which is attention-grabbing allowing it to be different from the Swiss watches. As a new watch collector or expert watch collector, you should also consider choosing Norqain. It’s affordable and worth having.


Is Norqain a luxury brand?

Norqain is affordable and can also be considered a luxury brand, it has a high-quality material which is been made of, it very reliable, and has an 18k gold material, ceramic used in making this best timepiece for the family of Swiss watches.

The Norqain watch costs $2,500 – $6,250 depending on the type of Norqain watch you are purchasing such as Gents, Ladies, Independence, Adventure, Freedom, and, Personalise which fall in this category. Each is of a different price depending on the kind of watches you are in love with.

Norqain is a trusted and reliable brand, they make sure they give their standard to their buyers, after the making or manufacturing of Norqain watches, there is proper check and test which will be made for days to ensure they pass through the proper experiment giving the best and standard among the swiss watches.