Dr strange jaeger-LeCoultre watch review and its price

JLC Master Ultra-Thin perpetual: Jaeger LeCoultre Dr Strange Price And Technical Details


The watch jaeger-LeCoultre in dr strange movie is not just a brand, it plays a role not only in the advert but also because Bendit Cumberbatch who is doctor strange is a brand ambassador of jaeger-LeCoultre. Omega, Hamilton, and James bond watches are also popular brands that are featured in some other movies. Read along to know about the Dr strange jaeger-LeCoultre technical details and price.


The JLC master ultra-Thin perpetual is seen in mostly doctor strange films,, this watch design is so perfect apart from it being just a decorative watch, it plays a unique role in the plot of the movies and also has its significance.


Review and highlight of dr strange

The jaeger-LeCoultre was gifted to dr strange by Christine Palmer who was his former love interest. This watch is seen in the first movie of dr strange which he develops much love for the watch, dr strange is known for wearing this watch all time even if it is broken, he still puts it on. Benedict Cumberbatch has been a top influencer and ambassador to make the JLC maters ultra-thin perpetual so much more popular.

Now you know about the dr strange jaeger-LeCoultre, let’s get to why you should also love this watch and own one.

The appearance

The watch is silver-colored and has a black strap with a cold clinical look, the moons and stars are indicated in a crescent which is of deep-blue shape day/night indicator.

Dr strange jaeger-lecoultre appearance

Its design is so attractive when you see it physically. Its numerals and digits are polished black nickel applique with a silvered dial which are used mainly for watch and it has its own significant meaning. The watch strap has black leather with an 18mm width buckle like a sport. the watch strap is available in pink gold and brown strap.


Case and back

The watch’s 39mm case is in diameter and thickness is 9.3mm, the stainless steel case is made of high-grade, and the watch case’s design size is a modern dress watch.

Dr strange jaeger-lecoultre back case

The jaeger-LeCoultre dr strange watch is good for those who have a tiny or small mid-wrist, the watch is designed to be well-balanced on your wrist. The case back has full details on the watch such as reference number, edition type, brand name, and more at the case back.


jaeger-LeCoultre the doctor strange watch comes with a black leather of alligator leather strap that is mostly noticed in the films.

Dr strange jaeger-lecoultre bracelet

The watch is made of a double folding buckle that is made of steel, which makes it very easy and fast to wear around the wrist. The strap speaks about various outfits in doctor strange movies. The strap made for the JLC master ultra-thin perpetual is a perfect strap.


The triangular applique hour markers and dauphine hands are made from black nickel which is well-polished. It also comes with blue steel second hands that render great contrast to the silver backdrop.

Dr strange jaeger-lecoultre dial

The three sub-dials that are lightly placed below show the day of the week, month, and date indicators. The face of this watch is so great because it doesn’t feel too occupied, all the entire functions are placed with space which gives it a neat design and is easy to read.


Jaeger-LeCoultre dr strange watch technical details

The watch movement is about 28,800 vibrations per hour (4Hz) with a standard 38-hour power reserved. Its calibre runs on 868 with its component comprising 336 automatic movement and 46 jewels.

Stainless Steel
Diameter: 39 mm
5 bar
Silvered grey, Silver-powdered, Polished black nickel appliques
Leather, Black
Interchangeable: Yes
Lug width: 21mm
Length 12h: 75mm
Length 6h: 120mm
Double Folding Buckle
Stainless Steel
Buckle width: 18mm
Year, Perpetual calendar, Date, Hour – Minute, Day, Month, Moon phases, Seconds
Automatic winding, Components: 336, Vibrations per hour: 28800, Jewels: 46, Barrel: 1, Thickness: 4.72mm, Power reserve: 38 hours


The watch price

The watch is one of the swiss luxury brands, if you have to see the watch as a watch lover or watch professional you can say a lot about what it is worth. The jaeger-LeCoultre ref Q1302520 dr strange watch price is about $30,000 USD for its exclusive design and high status, the price is expected to change for its high value.