Rolex Yacht-Master II Specification  and Color variations 


The Yacht-Master II is a regatta chronograph constructed for yachting competitions. This watch has a programmable countdown and mechanical memory and It is a necessary device for skippers to gauge their best course of action.

Rolex Yacht-Master II is a sporty and elegant watch and It is the perfect combination of luxury and utility. This watch model represents the nautical spirit of the brand. And its motivation is the wealthy historical past that has bound Rolex to the world of yachting since the 1950s. The Yacht-Master II stands out as an extraordinarily engineered timepiece in the world of competitive sailing.

Although the model is built for regatta, you do not have to be involved in regatta activities before purchasing the watch. There are other instances when the watch will be useful to you. You could use it to time something accurately or record the length of timeouts count.


About the Rolex Yacht-Master II 

The Rolex Yacht-Master II is a sports watch that is made by Rolex. It was uncovered in 2007 and was first introduced in 2010 with the models 116688-Yellow Gold and 116689-White Gold. And a year later, Rolex launched the model 116681 which was made from steel and Everose gold. The watch was available for the first time in 904L steel in 2013. The version 116680, is equipped with a Cerachrom bezel insert in blue ceramic.  




This watch is developed particularly for regatta racing players. And it has outstanding features that are crucial to the sport. These features cater to the needs of the athletes of extreme racing. It includes a programmable countdown timer which is fitted into the watch to measure the exact time until the start of the race. The flyback and fly-forward functions are intended to coordinate the race committee while restarting the race sequence.  


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All Yacht-Master II models have a case size of 44mm. Aside the model 116689 which is exclusively platinum, The bezel has a blue Cerachrom insert. All the watches have a Triplock crown, screw-down, and a sapphire crystal that is built to be scratch-resistant.

The bracelet on all the watches has an Oyster design with three-element links. The center link is either polished or gold, it relies on the model. And the clasp also has a 5mm extension link built in.

It is the ideal watch for water sports and sailing in particular because of its 100-meter waterproof and robust qualities. Also, its incredible quality of craftsmanship and execution makes it perfectly suited for every occasion aboard and ashore alike.

These are the key Features of this product:

  • Case Size – 44mm
  • Material Option – Stainless steel, Everose Rolesor, 18k Yellow Gold, 18k White Gold
  • Functions – Time with running seconds, adjustable countdown timer with mechanical memory
  • Bezel-Ring Command Bezel
  • Water Resistance – 100 meters / 330 feet.
  • Strap/Bracelet – Oyster bracelet

The Yacht-Master II is also one of the higher-priced Rolex watches because of its large size, and use of precious metals.  

Color variations 

Rolex Yacht-Master II is available in four main variations. They are contrasted by the materials of their case and bracelet. The color variations are Stainless steel, Everose Rolesor (a combination of 18ct Everose gold and stainless steel), solid 18ct yellow or white gold, and platinum. Below are the details.

  • 116680 – 44mm; stainless steel with Cerachrom bezel
  • 116689 – 44mm; solid 18k white gold with platinum bezel
  • 116688 – 44mm; solid 18k yellow gold with Cerachrom bezel
  • 116681 – 44mm; Rolesor (two-tone steel and Everose gold) with Cerachrom bezel


Where to buy the Rolex Yacht-Master II

Due to the superb function of the Rolex Yacht-Master II, there will be an excessive request for it. And this article will reveal to you just where you can get it. If you are interested in getting the watch, you can buy the watch from the official Rolex retailers in your country. And if you have no idea how to locate the retailers, stay on this page as we show you how.

To locate the retailer, 

  • Go to
  • Tap on the two horizontal lines at the left-hand side of the page.
  • Then click on “Buying a Rolex”.
  • Tap on the store locator.
  • A map of countries will appear.
  • Next, you should zoom in on your country. (You can also tap on “list”, and the details of the retailer will appear on your screen).
  • Then tap the Rolex logo displayed over it.
  • The address and phone number of the retailer will be displayed on the screen. 
  • And you can also click on more details or get directions if you are not acquainted with the address.

Using the store locator on the Rolex app will aid you purchase the watch with less stress.


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do you use the Yachtmaster II?

Although Yacht-Master II looks quite complicated, the brand has ensured it is quite simple to operate. To operate it, you have to adjust the countdown timer to your desired setting, then you start the time. Tap the top button to start the countdown timer, then press the top button a second time, it will stop the timer. You can also adjust the timer forwards or backward to the nearest minute by pressing the bottom button while the chronograph is running.


How much is a Yacht-Master II?

The Yacht-Master II is made of stainless steel and does not feature any diamonds or gems but it is still one of the higher-priced Rolex watches you can get. But the complexity of the movement, its large size, and its metals are the primary factors behind its high price tag. 


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