An Introduction to Watches and Luxury watches

An Introduction to Watches

What you need to know about watches and Luxury watches


They measure time. They have been around since the beginning of the century. Watches have been part of our life since we need to tell what actual time, seconds, minutes, and hours, we are using, without time, we can’t tell the exact time we are using on earth.

Some watches come with calendars and months to allow us to know how many years we spent on earth and how many months and years as passed us by. Some people use watches for some of the reasons stated below:

  • Fashion icon – An instrument to show the wealth
  • A device to measure the time
  • An important item to collect

They are also useful for other purposes, but they can only be used for one purpose I have learned that it is important to do your research about the brands in order to get a watch. This will let you know the authenticity and quality of the kind of watch you are purchasing.

Another thing to consider is saving money for that special piece of furniture you have been thinking about buying. Some affordable brands include:

  • Daniel Wellington
  • Movement
  • Casio
  • Citizen
  • Seiko
  • Timex

Next, I want to talk about luxury watches. This is because I think that expensive watches are too flashy and overpriced. So, let me start by defining.



A luxury watch is one that uses high-end materials and is precise. This is the most important thing to consider before buying one.

  • Movement
  • Price
  • Brand Reputation
  •  Style
  •  Maintenance

This entire topic will be covered in another article. I will go over all of these features and any additional information you need to know before purchasing a “Luxury Watch“.

This is the next topic I will be covering.



You may be wondering what types of watches there are. These should not be confused with other types of watches. This is a completely different topic.

  • Watches for dress
  • Watches for casual
  •  Watches with functional

A dress-type watch is the most appropriate. Formal watches can be worn with business and formal attire.

A casual watch is one that can be worn for casual outings or other leisure activities.

Functional watches are the last item on our watch list. These watches can be used as racing watches or divers watches.

I would like to end my post by expressing the hope that people who don’t know much about watches will be able to understand a basic concept.




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