Check the Panerai Straps: Straps 44mm/24mm, Straps Rubber, Straps Alligator


A smartwatch signifies utility and elegance, and so many people would like to wear watches that match their lifestyle and routine, which is why they choose to have different watch bands for different occasions and activities. And Panerai is one of those brands that promote different strap changes. It does not matter who is wearing the watch, Panerai has different strap designs that would match any gender.

Panerai watch straps have different materials and designs. Each of its straps has a specific purpose. The watches have various straps that are made from leather, metal, or rubber. The colour of the strap also matters. Panerai also has a wide range of colour options for its straps, so you can search for the one that matches your style perfectly.


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Panerai Straps

Panerai straps are flawlessly integrated into the structure of their case. They are flexible and resistant, and this contributes greatly to the quality of the watch, as an integral part of it. Straps made at Panerai are faithful to the codes of the Brand, they are also a perfect blend of essential design, sporting character and high technical quality with strong water and scratch-resistant features.

Panerai make use of first-quality raw materials and its production technology is improved continually to give users comfortable conditions. In compliance with the CITES regulation, they do not use skins coming from fragile or endangered species taken from the wild. One of the advantages of purchasing a Panerai watch is that you can easily change your watch straps, modify the look of the watch to match an outfit, or just use it as a great fit for any activity.

Panerai Straps Rubber

Panerai Straps Rubber

The Panerai rubber strap is waterproof and friendly for everyday wear. These rubber straps are more comfortable to wear than the metal or leather options. They also sit lightly on the wrist and are perfect for hot weather conditions. The rubber straps are also durable and they can tolerate water exposure better than their leather or metal straps.

Rubber happens to be a soft material, so it is less likely to scratch your wrist. Therefore, if your skin is sensitive, you may have to switch to a rubber strap for Panerai that is hypoallergenic. These straps for Panerai watches are very durable and they can withstand different conditions. Also, they can withstand water and sweat better.

Panerai rubber straps are two different versions that are distinguished by a different design.

Caoutchouc Logo

Panerai Caoutchouc Logo

The Caoutchouc Logo straps are crafted with natural rubber and they create a clean and simple design that is enriched by the Officine Panerai inscription.

 Caoutchouc Accordeon

Panerai Caoutchouc Accordeon

These Caoutchouc Accordeon straps are made with natural rubber. They are known by a special design linked to the sea and the diving world. This strap shrinks because of the increase of the rise of external pressure, thereby allowing the watch to be more secure on your wrist and to adapt well to all types of scuba suits.


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Panerai Straps 44mm/24mm

Panerai Straps 44mm/24mm  deploy

The Panerai 44mm strap section contains 24mm straps that are compatible with most 44mm Panerai watches. Also, the buckle width on these straps is 22mm. The 44mm has four categories which are Non-deploy, Non-deploy XL, Deploy, and Deploy XL. The non-deploy styles have your choice of buckle which could be brushed, polished, or PVD. The deploy style has the option of installing a deploy buckle that is available in a brushed, polished, or PVD finish.

Panerai Canvas Straps

Panerai Canvas Straps

Panerai canvas strap is made of a synthetic material with a particular linen look. The fabric owes its conventional linen pattern to its warp and weft threads. The durability of the straps is determined by the individual wearing conditions. However, because of the special features of the strap, the surface may change in contact with water.

Panerai Straps Alligator

Panerai Straps Alligator

Panerai alligator straps put together quality, simplicity and the highest technical standards. This strap is a specially selected leather made from the parts of the alligator where the smoothest and most evenly shaped scales are found. Their normal, yet individual, size and shape give the straps a great look. The Officine Panerai alligator straps are available in a wide choice of models and colours, making them suitable for all occasions.

Panerai Alligator Straps has two different version of m straps that is characterized by a different design.

Shiny Alligator

Panerai Shiny Alligator

These shiny Alligator straps are defined by their fascinating brilliant shine. The shine is attained by polishing the alligator skin by hand with an agate stone. Also, the incredible brilliance gives it a unique elegance and noblesse. The shiny straps are available in a wide choice of colours and are mostly owned by women.

Nubuck Alligator

Panerai Nubuck Alligator

The Nubuck Alligator strap is a manually polished leather that has a smooth and velvety touch. It is gotten through a grinding process that opens the pores of the leather, thereby giving it its characteristic and elegant appearance. During wear, the material develops a beautiful patina and it evolves into an individual and unique strap.


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Where To Buy Panerai Straps

People need watch straps that will match their lifestyle and since Paneria offers different strap designs, they tend to ask where they can purchase Panerai straps. If you are a lover of straps for watches, you should visit Panerai’s official website to find a strap that best suits your routine. You can search by collection, type, case diameter, materials, colours, and movement. Also, you can check other online platforms like Amazon and eBay to get the best deal on Panerai straps.